Lineart By: JonathanBN

Coloring By: Deviantotaku

Story By: Tiedup Temari


The years passed quickly after the titans disbanded. Raven was a little shocked when she finally tore out the last page of her calender. It had been ten years. She remembered they got back together at five years, but they hadn’t seen much of each other after that. That was the terrible thing about being born one of the few who could help people; people needed a lot of help. It seemed like there was always some emergency that needed their attention.

Raven on the other hand had moved away from the city, to a thick forest where she could be alone. Her powers could be dangerous, so it was better if she didn’t get near too many people. That didn’t mean she didn’t help though.

The small towns around where she lived all relied on her for various things. When a rogue demon attacked, they called Raven. When a pack of bears wondered into town, it was Raven’s job to move them away. Small things like this she could do without upsetting her inner balance, but she feared her combat days might be behind her.

That day, like many before, Raven was home alone. The two story cabin she built in the woods; complete with basement, had already been cleaned top to bottom. That day, she was working on improving herself. Brewing potions, enchanting staves and other items, preparing for more aggressive fighting; should it ever come to that. She had all but sealed herself off from technology, that so why she became a little shocked when she got a text message.

“Who in the world…”

Other than the birds, the house was totally silent; that is why she could hear he familiar tone from the basement. Raven followed the stairs up, to her second floor bedroom. The stairs ran through the middle of the house, from the basement, to the top floor. In her bedroom they were accessed by a hatch in the floor, which also hid them seamlessly.

“Where did I put that thing…”

It had to have been a text message, since the tone had already stopped playing. Her bed was to the left of the stairs, pushed against the wall. Above the midnight-blue construct there was a stained glass window, done in shades of purple and blue, which gradually got darker depending on the level of sun.

Across from this was her closet, which also severed as storage for her magically compressed items. Other than that; there was a desk to the left of the closet door, and a dresser to the right. Most of the walls were lined with bookshelves, but she had little else in the way of furniture. As simple as it was, it was home to her.

“Here it is!”

Somehow the blasted thing had been kicked under her bed. Raven had the thing in a purple case that was all but bomb proof. She had broken more than her share by throwing them around with telekinesis when she was asleep, and she really had no intention of replacing it again. This was actually the first time she had picked it up in months.

“Yo, Ray-Ray, you live close to this town called Granite, right?”

“Beast boy? Great… what does he want…” As annoying as the green monkey was, he was her friend, so she responded. “I do, why?”

“I was here on my tour of the best burgers in the country, and I smelled you. Want to hang out or something?”

“That’s creepy…”

“Says the witch who is locked up in her woodland cabin all day brewing potions? Room to judge much?”

“The more I let you talk, the less I want to see you…”

“Ray-Ray, don’t be like that!”

Raven almost crushed her phone, but she resisted. How one person could be so annoying, she had no idea… Why they were still friends, well that was even more of a mystery. To say she found him interesting, wouldn’t exactly be correct. It was more like she found him too pathetic, so her limited sympathy wouldn’t let her push him away.

“Do you remember what I told you would happen next time you called me Ray-Ray? I can remind you if you have forgotten.”

“Whoa! Chill out, I was just playing with you. I’m sorry, Raven. Come on, I promise I won’t annoy you or anything, let’s hang out!”

“What exactly do I get out of it?”

“Some limited social contact to prevent you from going completely insane? I think that is enough, don’t want to start talking to yourself, do you?”

Her angry reply was halted, when she realized that she had already started talking to herself. “I will open a window. If you can find me based off that, I will humor you.”

“See? You’re not nearly as depressing as you want the world to think you are. I will be over in a bit, can’t wait to see your new place!”

“If you break anything, I will break something on you to compensate.”

Beast Boy never replied after that. It had been five years since she had seen him, how old did that make him now? Mid twenties, closer to thirty? Raven herself would be turning thirty by her next birthday, which was surprising. She only looked a bit older than twenty though. Because of her powers, she would probably outlive all of her friends twice over. It was not a happy thought, but that was just the truth of it.


The day wore on, and BB was announced by the sound of a beast rampaging through the woods. He probably uprooted all of the mushrooms she had been working to grow. At least her herbs had been planted on the far side. Because of the noise though, the ravens that she had been collecting feathers from might not return for weeks.

“You, Raven! Are you home or what?”

“Do you know how to do anything elegantly?” Raven asked, as she slowly descended the stairs.

She wore the same midnight-blue one piece that she had for years, mostly because she owned few clothes. Her chest had grown much bigger in recent years though, and her hips had gained some curves too. Her hair was a bit longer, but not by much. Besides the sleeved one-piece, she wore only her jeweled golden belt. Since this was her home, she saw no need to wear shoes, or a heavy cloak. It was not cold here after all.

“Whoa… When did you become a babe?” The green skinned man said, as he struggled to collect his dislocated jaw from the floor.

“I was always perfect. The fact that you only notice me now that I have tits and an ass; proves how shallow you are.”

“Hey! I always noticed you before, you were just a bit too fond of throwing me out of windows to notice.”

“Whatever, did you want something? You came all the way out here, so I imagine you must want something. It is a long trip to say ‘hi’.”

“Is it so terrible that I want to see my friend?”

“No, I am just having trouble imagining why anyone would waste so much effort on me.” Raven reached the bottom of the stairs, and stood before him.

He was taller now; not by much, but he could look her in the eyes. For him, that was a pretty big improvement. BB had always been muscular, but he had bulked up a bit more since she last saw him, he looked more like a man now. He wore a green leather vest, and pants; they looked like he had made them himself. The fact that he was also barefoot was not lost on her. How could a person change so much so fast?

“So, what do you go by these days?” She asked, looking back into his glowing green eyes. He met her gaze without looking away.

“Beast is fine. Not ready to go back to my real name yet, and ‘Beast man’ just sounds silly. So I’ve been going by Beast for about seven years.”

“Beast, huh? It fits. So, what are you going to do about all the plants and animals you disturbed? They happened to be important to my research…” Raven held his gaze, knowing he had no intention of repaying her.

“You mean the mushrooms and stuff? Gee, Raven, I’m sorry… Next time you should put up a fence or something.”

“Only you could manage to apologize, and make it sound like my fault at the same time. Oh well, the least I can do is offer tea… You can drink tea, right?”

“Absolutely! With sage and catnip is the best.”

Raven sighed, and moved toward the kitchen, which was in the right side of the house in from the main door, that was right across from the stairs. It was a simple setup; wood stove, some counters made from sanded slabs of oak, and a simple wooden table. It was her home though, and simple was better by far.

“Only someone part animal would suggest putting catnip in their tea… Oh well, I happen to have a stock of it.”

“Turning into a crazy cat lady or something?”

“What? No…. They simply come, and I offer what I can. I am as indifferent to them as they are to me. Nothing crazy about that.”

“Sure… You’re totally a crazy cat lady, aren’t you, Ray?”

“And you’re just as immature as you were ten years ago…”

“Aww shucks, you’re just saying that!”

“It wasn’t a compliment…”

Raven took her eyes off him, because looking at him was starting to burn them; a lot like staring into the sun. She was almost impressed at how unbearable one person could manage to make themselves. Still if she just got through this encounter, it would be fine. As she put the full kettle on the heat, she let out a sigh.

“Hey, what’s this?”

The sound of shattering, was followed by a bone-chilling scream. Raven felt a wave of cold dread, and she ran to see what Beast had done. He was standing in her study, which was in the far end of the house from the kitchen. At his feet, there was a shattered jewel. It had once been as clear as a diamond, and as big as a skull. Now it was jet black, and the hollow interior was exposed. That was not good at all.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?”

“Raven, I’m really sorry! Get me some glue and I will put it back together!” He was already starting to pick up the pieces.

“That jewel was the prison of one-hundred evil spirits I captured. Do you have any idea what kind of havoc they will wreak now that they are all together? If they manage to manifest themselves in physical form, it will start a war!”

“Why was something like that sitting casually on a bookshelf?!” Beast finally looked like he understood the consequences of his actions.

“Because I live alone, and I don’t have to worry about children like you coming around and touching everything they see!”

“How was I supposed to know?!”

“It is common sense to not touch things inside peoples homes at random! If anyone gets hurt by this, you are responsible…”

“Then let’s go now, I will help you capture them!”

“You wouldn’t even be able to see them until they became physical… Whatever they do, they probably intend to return to their realm and regain their powers first. I will have to deal with them later. For now, go sit in the kitchen… AND DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!”

She watched as he sulked his way across the house, and she sighed again. With a wave of her hand, she turned the shattered jewel to ash, and blew it out through an open window. Defeating the spirits would not be nearly as hard as recreating a prison capable of holding them. That might take weeks. Which meant she would have to battle them constantly in her spare time, to keep them suppressed long enough.

When she returned to the kitchen, she began mixing the tea without thinking. She made two different herbal blends, and filtered the water through them using a strainer and a bed of flavored leaves. She was not fond of the strong tastes Beast asked for, so her tea was totally different.

“Here you go. The cups are wood, so if you have an urge to break anything else, I would prefer it was something like this.”

“I said was sorry! It’s easy to forget how many strange and dangerous things you keep around. Robin and Cyborg always let me play with their stuff…”

“And Starfire?”

“Well, since she started collecting alien relics, she is just about as dangerous as you… It’s weird how much she has changed… So, what are you going to do about those spirits? Is there any way I can help? I will go gather supplies if nothing else.”

“Trying to find a way to make you able to see them would only set me back more. The best thing you can do is stay out of my way.”

“I will find a way to make it up to you, I promise! I travel all over the world, so I will bring you rare ingredients! They do all kinds of strange herbal magic stuff in China, that is a good place to start! I will repay you!”

“Oh, I am sure you will…”

“What does that mean?”

Raven held up her hand, and smiled. “Nothing, nothing… how is the tea?”

Beast downed his cup in a big gulp, and smiled. “Delicious! But I taste something else, what all did you put in here?”

“Oh, you know… Stuff…”

“Wubb shhuffpphh…”

Beast hardly managed to garble those two words, before he was face-down on the table. Raven smiled, not regretting what she had done at all. He would need the rest for what she had planned for him. She had gotten enough of his antics in the past; him coming into her home and trying to reignite that nightmare, well that had been the final straw for her. When she had slipped that herb into his tea, she hadn’t been quite sure what she was going to do, but now she had a clear picture.

“It’s time to tame the beast…”


The one thing Raven rarely mentioned about her house, was the sub-basement. That was the basement below the one where she did her potion brewing. She had never actually used this room, and had never really intended to.

This room was her dungeon, more or less. She had always found bondage fascinating. People submitting themselves willingly, being tied up and helpless for another person to enjoy as they wanted… She just couldn’t understand it. For a long time she thought that there had to be something wrong with the human brain, but then she started thinking about the other side of it, how much fun it could be to control someone. That was around the time that she started building her own gear, and making her own toys.

The dungeon had stone floors, and stone walls, it was lit by her glowing purple stones, which served as a black light too. While different toys and furniture lined the walls, it was all centered on a bed. The bed was simple enough, but it was designed with a cage under it. The whole mattress worked as a sort of hinged lid, so that the person could comfortably sleep on top of their playmate, without a chance of them escaping.

“Now that I’ve got you, what on earth should we start with?” Raven looked at Beast, expecting him to answer, despite being asleep.


“As useless asleep as you are awake…”

While his little sleep outburst may have been interesting to some, Raven was having a genuine internal struggle. She had collected a vast amount of toys over the years, but what should she use? Maybe she should keep it simple, give him a chance to fight… If she gave him a chance, and used her powers to defeat him, it would break his spirit much faster!

With this in mind, Raven made his clothes vanish, all of them. From the wall she grabbed two sets of iron shackles, a short pair for his hands, and a longer pair for his feet. She locked both of these, with his hands in front. Next, she put a ring gag in his mouth, and he started to drool right away. This was going to be fun! But first, she had to wait for him to wake up.


The hours passed slowly, and Raven began to wonder if she had used too much of the herb. What she failed to realize, was that he was long passed the point of being effected by the drugs. He was just enjoying his nap now, and making her wait. When he did finally wake up, he seemed relaxed, and almost happy. Until he realized his situation.

“Uuaah ooowwwaaa oooww?”

“Glad you finally decided to join us. As you might have realized, this has progressed passed the point of having tea.” Raven had gotten plenty of time to work on her speech while he had been asleep, so she failed to realize she sounded corny.


“Being a smart mouth even when you are tied up?”

Beast rolled over to look at her, and held up his shackled hands. “Weeeeh eee ouuuww oohh ieeeaah.”

“Not going to happen.” Raven flicked her wrist, and black tentacles appeared all around her. “You would do best to realize your position. I am in no mood for your mouth. In fact, I might seal it away forever at this rate.”

“Wwwaaaeee, aaaaahh et!”


She couldn’t believe that she was arguing with someone who was restrained in her dungeon. Her power lashed out, and the tentacles attacked him. They pined him down by his ankles and shoulders; leaving his hands stuck between his knees, and his ass up in the air. It was a good position for him, one he would learn well during his training.

“Shame you pissed me off so early, I was just about to get naked too…. Oh well, shame you won’t get to see it.”

That got his attention. He started pushing against the tentacles, but quickly realized that he wasn’t able to escape. He pushed more and more, until he was really putting up a fight. Raven laughed, even as she tossed away her clothes. From the wall she grabbed a strap on, eight inches, and started to put it on. The straps hugged her bottom, and lifted the cheeks. The black against her pale skin was like magic in it’s own right.

“Suppose it is a good thing you can’t see. You wouldn’t like this part at all!”

As strong as Beast was, he wasn’t able to escape her hold. He wasn’t ready to submit to her yet, but there was all the time in the world for that! Raven walked up to the edge of the bed, and put her hands on his rear. It was toned, and tight… Shame for him… The question on her mind was lube, or no lube? How bad did she want to punish him? Maybe she would let him decide? Oh yes… that would be delicious!

Raven walked with a strut, to the right side of the bed, this is where Beast had been looking. When she came into view, she saw his eyes go wide. Since it was at eye-level, there was only one thing he would have seen at first, the strap on. Sure he saw her naked body, and gave it a few seconds of inspection, but he was more worried about the thing hanging between her legs.

“You like it? I’ve never actually used one before, I might not be good at it… You want to give me some lube, to make sure it won’t hurt?” She slowly brought the toy to his forced-open mouth. She was trembling from the excitement!

“UUOOO WAAAAHH!” His head shot around, so that he was facing the opposite way.

“Oh well, your loss.”

She was going it to him one way or another, if he wanted it to be the hard way, that was totally up to him. Leaving his mouth, Raven walked back around to the foot of the bed. With her hands on his ass again, she gave it a playful clawing, sending goosebumps racing across his skin. At that moment, she watched as his cock started to get hard. A smile spread on her face, and she started to scratch him more… There was no way he was into this, right?

“You’re getting awfully hard back here… What’s a girl to think?”

“AAAAHH! Raaahheeeh, aaahh et!”

“I don’t think I will… At the very least, you owe me for all the trouble you caused. If I decide I am bored with you after that, I might consider letting you go…” She gave his ass a hard slap, and climbed up onto the bed. “I wouldn’t count on it though…”

She grabbed his hips, and pressed the tip against him. He was so tight, it would take a lot of work to get it in. She didn’t want to break her new toy right away though, so she took it nice and slow. The only part she couldn’t stand, was his constant whimpering. You would think he was more of a dog, or a woman!

“Since you wouldn’t let me in your mouth, maybe we should use something else instead… I think one of these fellows wants to play.”

One of her black tentacles of power started to move toward him. It was headed right for his mouth, until he turned his head. The tentacle followed, and again attempted to enter, but Beast ran from it yet again. When he was facing left again, Raven put her foot down on the side of his face, preventing him from turning again. He tried to escape, but there was no way from him to. Unfortunately, the sudden movement had caused almost two inches to stab into him, that had probably been rather uncomfortable for the poor fellow.

“Be a good boy, and take that deep into your throat, or maybe you would prefer my foot?” She laughed to herself, a loud, haughty laugh.


“Finally, I won’t have to hear your mouth anymore!”

Raven wanted to give him a good pounding, but this position was not so easy to hold. She could have moved, but stepping on his face was too much fun! As she started to thrust, she sent another tentacle down to his dick. She didn’t really think he deserved it, but the size had managed to impress her. For that, he deserved at least a small prize. She hadn’t decided if she would let him cum yet, that would be left up to the tentacle.

“And since I am going all-out with my powers, maybe I will add a bit more…”

Two more of the tentacles rose up from the floor; much more narrow than the rest. These started to stroke his soles, lightly tickling him. When Beast tried to laugh, he could only gag on the massive thing slowly making it’s way down into his throat. Because the tip was narrow, it was actually getting rather deep; without cutting off his air, surprisingly.

“Now, time to really cut loose!”

All of the stray threads had been dealt with, now Raven had nothing to distract her. Once again she grabbed onto his hips, and pulled him back into her. At the same time, she lanced forward, slamming the full eight inches of the toy into him. Beast bucked against it, and she felt his cock throbbing against the tentacle.

“Just as I thought… You’re enjoying this!”


“Try to deny it all you want, but you are getting close to cumming, I can feel it! I wonder what will happen if I do this!”

Raven took off the training wheels, and started to lance into him. In and out, in and out, using the full length of the toy. By the third thrust, he was no longer putting up and internal resistance, and she was sliding in and out like a machine. Despite the lack of resistance, she knew she was hitting something, because his cock was throbbing like there was no tomorrow. His fists clenched, and his toes spread. His body wasn’t sure how to react to this, but it knew it didn’t want it to stop.

“Go on you little green slut, let me see what your cum looks like!”

Raven wasn’t even working up a sweat, taming this beast had proven to be the easiest thing she had done in her life! She had him under her control, and he had enjoyed it! He wasn’t ready to admit it yet, but as hard as she was slamming him, and as hard as he was throbbing, she knew that it was coming, it was obvious.

She gave him enough to push him over the edge, and watched as he sprayed. The amount was insane, there was no other word for it. The thick puddle spread outward, and pooled around her feet. Beast cried out in pleasure, though it was more of a hum. This was it, this was the feeling she had been looking for for so long! Raven hopped off the bed, dislodging herself from him, and got down near his face.

“I hope you’re not tired, we are far from done…” She paused, as if she had a thought. “And by the way, we are changing your name to Bitch.”

Raven left him to stew in his own cum, knowing he would make no attempt to escape. She had things to plan now, years of games to think up. She couldn’t let Bitch see her doing it either, that would ruin the surprise. By the time she was done, Bitch would be ready for more, and they could continue the training. Finally, life was interesting again!


The next week with Bitch, well it was as happy as Raven could ever remember being. He was no longer confined solely to the dungeon, but able to roam the whole house. His training had been a resounding success. Just to be safe, Raven kept his legs locked in leather sleeves; which forced him to walk on his knees, though they were protected by padding. He didn’t seem to mind this, the collar, or even being called Bitch.

“Bitch, where are you?”

“In the kitchen, Mistress!”

“Come up to the bedroom, I’m bored.”

Just like a dog, she could hear him rushing to answer. Of course, he had a bit more trouble with the stairs than a dog would, but she didn’t hold that against him. In the end, it took him only about two minutes to reach the bedroom. He closed the floor hatch behind himself, and smiled. It was amazing how he looked so happy every time he saw her.

“What should I do now, Mistress?”

“Come up on the bed, it is hard for me to see you down there.”

Though her bed was not particularly high, that task would have been impossible for most, bound like they were. Bitch was strong though, very strong. He had only to put his hands on the edge of the bed, and he could lift his whole body up. As soon as he was on the bed, he sat like a begging dog, and stared at her.

“Tell be something, Bitch; what do you desire more than anything else?”

He cocked his head, as if her words confused him. “I don’t understand, Mistress. Being with you is all I need to be happy.”

“That isn’t what I asked you though…” Raven was lazying around in a blue thong and bra, with her legs crossed. “I asked you what you desired. You are already with me every day; you can’t desire something you already have…”

Bitch paced around on the bed, his dick slowly growing harder. He didn’t know what she wanted. He knew that there were things that he wasn’t supposed to think, and things that he wasn’t supposed to say… he didn’t know if she wanted him to say those things now, or if he was supposed to say what she wanted him to say!

Raven lifted her foot, and started to tease his lip with her big toe. “You look like you are in pain, Bitch. Did my command confuse you?” He could only nod weakly in response. “Let me make it clear for you then. Tell me what you desire, your deepest desire. I don’t care what it is, I won’t hold it against you, and I promise you won’t be punished for it.”

“Do you really mean it, Mistress?”

“Have I ever lied to my little Bitch?”

He was throbbing now, more excited than he could ever remember being. He lunged forward, and started licking Raven’s foot like a man possessed. It tasted like blueberries, and smelled both sweet and salty. Her skin was so soft, and the shape of those small feet was so perfect. He was going to say it, he was going to finally say it!

“Well? Cat got your tongue?” As she spoke, Raven pinched his tongue between her toes, effectively trapping it. “No, it seems that I do…”

“Maapppreepph… I wahmma looubb awwwb!”

Raven released his tongue, and looked at him with her head cocked. “What was that? You had a mouth full of foot, don’t talk and eat at the same time!”

“Mistress…” Bitch shifted awkwardly, trying to get the courage to say it again. “Mistress, I would really like a blow job… I know it’s a filthy thing to say, and I am really not worthy…. I hope you will show mercy….”

Raven looked at him groveling, and could only smile. “So let me get this straight…” Her toe moved down, between his legs, and she started to stroke him. “You want me to put my mouth on this… Is that right?”

“Yes, Mistress…. that is all I have ever wanted.”

She was amused now, and feeling rather playful. “You could have asked for anything, my ass, pussy, could have asked for money, or to have your name changed… Instead, you ask for a blow job? You really are pathetic…”

“Mistress, my life is just perfect the way it is. I love my name, and have no need for money. As for your ass and pussy… Well I know I am not worthy of them, I could never bring myself to use you in such a way…”

“You really do love being my slave, don’t you?”

“More than anything in the whole world!” The declaration was so sudden, and honest, that it actually made Raven jump.

Raven continued to tease him with her toe, just because she liked how he squirmed. He was asking for a lot, but she had told him to be honest. Still; how much would a blowjob effect their master-slave relationship? If he let it go to his head, she might have to break him all over again! Though… She had actually loved that part!

“Very well, Slave; I will allow it.”

“What?!” He looked at her in shock first, and then his face gradually went slack; like he had been knocked unconscious by the thought alone.

“Decided you don’t want it after all? That’s probably better in the end, I don’t think you would have been able to survive my conditions…”

“No!!! I’ll do anything, please give me a chance to earn it!”

“Even if I make you sixty-nine me, while you take a tentacle in the ass?” Raven did say she liked seeing him squirm, right?”

I…well…. Yes! I’ll do it, I’ll do anything!”

“I like your dedication! Very well, lay on your back while I get ready.”

As soon as Raven was on her feet, Bitch tossed himself down on the bed. He watched as she used her powers to remove her cloth, and a strap-on took their place. That was not what he had been expecting, but it was not enough to scare him away. That particular toy had been modeled after him, so it was rather large… For something as good as was being offered, he knew he was going to have to work hard for it…. he just hoped he could handle it…

“Now then, let’s being…”

Now properly equipped, Raven returned to the bed. She placed her knees to either side of Bitch’s head, and sat on his face. He was made to stay like that, while she worked her magic. A big, black tentacle appeared from the foot of the bed, and started to worm it’s way up. Raven waited until the thing started to tickle his back door, before she made her move.

“If you make this entertaining, I might just give you a chance to earn it again.” Raven lifted her ass off of his face, and let him gasp for air.

“I will work harder than I ever have!”

“Pray that you do, my boredom will not be well received.”

That’s the way it was with Raven, every promise also came with a threat. Bitch was not scared though; all of his dreams were right before his eyes, all he had to do was reach out and take them! As raven got on all fours, she raised her hips to line her toy up with his mouth. Only once he took in the first few inches, was she able to get back into the proper position.

“It may not be as easy as a tentacle, but let’s see just how deep in your throat we can go!” By the sound of her voice, he could tell she was eager.

Bitch opened his mouth wider, and relaxed his throat. The toy was already pressing against the back of it by the time he felt Raven’s breath on his member. As excited as he was, he had no intention of letting her down. His tongue started wiggling around on the toy as much as it could, trying to lube it up in advance.

“You are just the cutest thing in the world…. Very well, if you want it so badly, I am not going to deny you. However, I will only suck as well as you do.”

When her lips wrapped around him, she started to push into his throat. At the same time, Bitch could feel his cock rubbing on the back of hers. His whole body got weak, yet he tried to hold on for dear life. He kept his tongue moving, and Raven moved hers to match. True to her word, she matched every move he made.

What that meant to Bitch, was that he had to try harder, much harder! His tongue started to swirl, and that loosened up his throat even more. The strap-on slipped into his throat just as easily as it did his ass after a good lubing. He was surprised that he didn’t gag, or lose the ability to breathe; he just kept calm, and took it in.

Bitch could see his throat swelling, but he didn’t panic. It didn’t hurt, he could handle this no problem! He didn’t even notice the tears in his eyes from his ignored gag reflex. Instead, he just calmly let it slip deeper and deeper. Up top, he watched as Raven’s throat started to expand too. It was so tight in there, and it kept moving around as she tried not to gag. She had tears in her eyes too, but wouldn’t let him outdo her.

Suddenly, Raven came up for breath. “I wasn’t expecting you to go so far so fast…” She said, coughing a few times.


“You’re right, it’s not fair if I stop. Alright then, if we are going to go full steam with this, I am going to make it the best night of your life!”

She went down again suddenly, taking in six of his ten inches all at once. It was now Bitch who was struggling to keep up. Raven was using magic to be able to take him in further, but he didn’t know that. The fact that he managed to keep up despite that, well it was truly impressive. By the time they both reached the base, they were in the throws of passion. Raven’s pleasure came solely from the gagging sounds made by Bitch, that was more than enough to get her off!

The fluid came rushing into her throat suddenly, but it had only a short trip to make from the end of his dick to her stomach. Beast screamed around her rubber cock, as he filled her up inside. Raven didn’t back away, she took it gladly, and it drove her to her own orgasm. What Bitch didn’t know, was that her toy was also designed to channel her orgasm fluids. He got a stomach full of his own, as she squirted like she never had before.

When they separated, they both gasped for breath, and collapsed to the sides. Neither of them moved that night, though there was no reason to. Despite everything, they were both happy with their new life. They lived happily ever after, as Mistress and Bitch.