Lineart By: JonathanBN

Coloring By: Deviantotaku

Story By: Tiedup Temari


Mako wasn’t sure how long he had been there, but it was damn sure longer than he wanted to be! No matter how many times they moved him, or how hard he tried to escape, he just couldn’t beat Korra without his bending! Why hadn’t anyone come to save him? Surely Beifong had noticed he was missing?

Soon Mako got used to the day-to-day. Korra would show up, take him to shower, metalbend his hands to the ceiling while she shaved every inch of his body. The bindings were never the same two days in a row, today he was secured under some kind of throne-like Chair Korra had created with earthbending.

Once he was under it, it exposed from his shoulders up, and his waist down. It was a very oddly constructed chair, but with the rock pinning his arms to the sides, and his ankles held down as well, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Korra! How long are you going to keep this up?”

“Do I have to pick? Oooh… well I’d say just about forever, give or take a few years.”

Mako turned as pale as he ever had, and his heart actually stopped for a few seconds. “Don’t be stupid, you can’t keep me here forever! What about Bolin? My brother will come for me even if no one else will!”

“Rock brains? I think he ran off with opal… or joined the circus… maybe it was both? Either way I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

“What did I ever do to deserve this?!”

When he asked that, Korra actually seemed a bit shocked. “Why don’t you ask Asami? Or me? Or Asami again, or even Ginger? If I had the names of the other girls I would bring them around too. You’re a playboy, Mako.”

“I am not!”

The avatar didn’t even dignify that with a response, as even Mako knew it was a lie. Instead she just walked away and boarded the elevator. Mako assumed he was going to be left alone again, but this time the lights didn’t shut off. Instead the elevator hummed again, and this time Asami stepped out along with Korra.

“I think we’ve let him sweat it out long enough, how about you, Asami?”

“Oh you know I’ve been waiting for this!”

Asami wore a skin-tight bodysuit, like the Chi blockers did. Mako was really regretting dumping her at that moment… Hell, if all chi blockers looked like that, he had a feeling Amon would have won easily! But what was with the shock glove?

“Wh-What are you going to do with that?”

Her painted lips parted in a small, forced smile. She looked liked nothing if not a grinning fox. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“YES! That’s why I asked!”

Asami looked at Korra, and Korra motioned for Asami to take a position behind the throne. The woman herself sat down on that rocky seat, so that his head was between her feet. Korra had always had the most sexy feet, they way her darker water-tribe skin turned lighter on the soles had always brought them out… but this wasn’t the time!

“Here’s how this is going to work, Mako. You are going to be a good boy and follow the commands we give you, or we’ll make you.”

“As if you could!”

Korra was stronger than Mako in more than just bending, she could physically beat his ass too, and Mako knew that. When Korra’s size 8 foot stomped down on the ground beside him, he felt it all the way in his soul!

“Like I said ‘or we’ll make you’. Now stick out your tongue.” Mako’s mouth snapped shut so hard his teeth clacked. “Asami?”

“On it!”

The crackle of electricity filled the air, and Mako got a very distinct impression that he was screwed. He expected to be knocked unconscious, or at least tortured! But that isn’t what happened. The shock hit the sole of his foot, and tingling electricity raced up his leg, seeming to punch him in the crotch as it went.


“Using the glove to tickle him? You’re too soft, Asami.”

“Hey, if I jumped right into the hard stuff from the start, there would be nothing left for him to be afraid of! We have to push him constantly if we want to break him!”

Who wouldn’t thought her lover was actually an expert torturer? “Point taken, I will leave you to it then. But what about you, Mako? Do you really want to find out how hard she can push?” Korra looked down at him, almost feeling bad.

“Screhehehehuhuhuuw yoohohoou!”

Asami’s torment might not have gotten instant results, but it had opened up a very interesting possibility. If they couldn’t get him to follow their orders from the start, why not create their own fun? To that end, Korra shoved her foot into Mako’s mouth.

“Whadda yuh know, a perfect fit!”

Poor Mako lay there for quite some time, squirming back and forth in a futile effort to escape Asami’s torment, all the while trying to figure out what had just happened. When he finally realized that his mouth was full of foot-meat, he tried to spit it out at once! But that only gave Korra an excuse to push deeper, gagging him.

“You brought this on yourself, Mako. All you have to do was suck my foot!”

“Oh that’s gross, I can hear him gagging all the way back here!”

It was gross. Mako was a gross, pathetic man slave! That was exactly how Korra looked at him too. Their eyes met for brief flashes as her foot made a slow trip to his stomach. It might have only gone on like this for a few minutes, but it felt like much longer to him!

Korra did eventually pull her foot free though. “Did you like the taste, Mako? Maybe you’ll be a good boy now and learn to savor it?”

“L-Like hell!”

“Asami, why don’t you let him feel your… special touch? Maybe that will change his mind. If not… well double check just to be sure.”

There was a soft whine as the glove powered up. “Got any preference on front or back?”

“Back will hurt more, so keep that as a last resort.”

When their eyes met this time, one could tell that Mako’s were alive with fear. “K-Korra? What are you telling her to do? Come on, talk to me!”

“I tried talking, but you didn’t want to listen. Now we are going to do things the hard way. Unless…” Her wet foot hovered above his face, threatening to smear his saliva on it. “Maybe you are having second thoughts?”



If Asami bothered to respond with words, they were drown out by the crackling of electricity. Korra swore that she could smell nut-hairs burning, but that was fine, they were going to be shaved off eventually anyway! The shock lasted about three full seconds, but Mako didn’t pass out. Instead he just lay there, half-cooked and balling like a baby.

“Hey, Korra, he totally got hard!”

“Probably just a reaction of the muscles, right? I doubt even a hard masochist could get hard from something that painful.”

Looking down at Mako once more, Korra saw the face of a broken man. “You know, as a last resort I was going to have Asami fist you and then turn the glove on while she was inside. You probably don’t want that, huh?”

“P-Please… no…”

“Then you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

Instead of fighting them this time, his mouth slipped open, and his tongue came out. Korra pressed her heel against it, pinning it to his chin. Slowly she dragged her foot across it, making sure he scraped clean and grime or dust that was stuck to her. His face twisted in anguish, but it was nothing compared to what they were prepared to do to him.

“Make sure you get between the toes, that is where all the gunk is!”

Korra spread her toes right over his mouth, and his tongue began to scrub between each space. By this point Asami was just teasing his dick with the same level of shocks she had used to tickle him. Asami was an expert at this sort of play, so she was keeping him right on the edge until his dick was dark red and covered in veins.

“Should we let him cum as a reward for giving in, Korra?”

“No no, it’s way too soon! Let him finish cleaning my feet, then we will lock him in chastity… maybe give him a show too!’

“That’s why I love you.”

Korra couldn’t help having mixed feelings about her girlfriend being in love with her because she was a hardcore sadist… then again, Asami was very good at both giving and receiving such punishment, so maybe that meant they were destined for each other?


After about an hour spent on each foot, totaling two hours of constant teasing and denial, Korra decided it was time to move on. After bending Mako into a metal coffin that covered everything but his face from the nose up, and hanging it from the ceiling, Korra whispered the rest of her plan to Asami.

“If we do that, he’ll lose whatever is left of his mind!”

Looking to the metal Mako mummy hanging from the ceiling by thick chains, Asami smiled. “I almost feel bad for him… you know I’m not going to lay on the floor though, Right?”

“And ruin that silky skin of yours? I’d sooner die!”

With a stomp Korra summoned a platform of stone, and with her metalbending she brought a mattress forward from the storage area deeper in the workshop, the two were a perfect fit for each other. It was also perfectly eye-level with Mako.

“After you, my princess.” Korra quickly created a perfect set of stairs leading up to the bed for Asami.

“What a romantic!”

Asami’s entrance was much less graceful than Korra’s presentation. She simple jumped high into the air, struck a graceful pose, and then flopped down right onto the mattress in a big, bouncy belly flop. The beautiful genius was a fit of giggles as the bouncing slowly died down, and Korra couldn’t help watching her in amusement.

“Get that outta your system?”

“Hey, we are supposed to be having fun, right?”

With a snap of her powerful muscles, Korra leapt into the air. She came down on Asami like a predator, pinning her arms and legs to the bed. “Yet we are supposed to be having fun making Mako suffer, did you forget about revenge already?”

“Hardly! I just happen to be more patient than you. He has no chance to escape, so why not drag it out as long as possible?”

Though she was the avatar, it was amazing how often she overlooked things! “I hadn’t thought about it like that… You hear that, Mako? It seems we are going to be making you suffer for a long time to come! Enjoy!”


“Did you catch any of that?” Korra asked, turning to Asami.

“I think he wants us to kiss.”

That obviously wasn’t what Mako was hoping for, in fact it was probably exactly the opposite! “Well, no reason to keep him waiting!”

They were doing this to torment Mako, at least that is what they told themselves. The moment their lips clashed, they forgot all about that. The room might as well have been empty, and their bed cast out to see. No meditation had ever been as deep, no prayer ever as dedicated. When they were together the world stopped.

Of course Mako didn’t really have the benefit of shutting the world out like they did, and that was the point. He was forced to watch them, while they paid him no mind at all. He felt his manhood getting harder and harder, throbbing. That treatment before hadn’t helped at all, but at least someone had been touching him before!

“N-Not going to stop there, are you?” Asami whispered in desperation.

“I’ve lived hundreds of lives, don’t you think I know what I am doing by now?”

The Avatar yanked at the zipper to Asami’s chi blocker uniform, though the skin-tight material was reluctant to come free. “B-Be careful with that! It took me a long time to fit all the components inside, some of that tech is delicate!”

At those words, Korra stopped dead in her tracks. “Are you really going to pick tech over pleasure? If that is the case, I think leaving the belt on should be fine…”


“Then what is it you want, exactly? You are going to have to say it.”

The frustrated Asami glared at Korra, a growl forming deep in her throat. Laying there with her clothes half on was a perfect metaphor for how she felt. If Korra stopped after getting her all half worked up, Asami would have to kill her!

“P-Please, Korra…”

“No no, call me what I told you to call me when you’re begging.”

The president of Future Industries was a woman of pride, dignity! Yet Korra was able to strip all of that away from her in an instant. She went from being a proud, independent woman, to being a desperate slut with no control of her body! Korra knew that well, which is why she had asked that the chastity belt be developed.

Asami had no choice but to swallow her pride. “P-Please, Avatar-Sama, please use your thousands of years of wisdom to make me cum like the slut I am!”

“You rehearsed that, didn’t you?”

“Of course! Last time I didn’t say it right you turned the belt on and left me alone for a whole hour! S-So do I pass?”

Korra nodded, and her eyes turned white as snow. “Let me show you just what an avatar is capable of. I can bend more than just elements, you know.” Her voice carried that eerie echo that it always did when she was in the Avatar state.

“Wh-What would Tenzin say about you using the Avatar state in… that way?”

“He would be too red in the face to speak, if he managed not to pass out! Though you don’t really care about that, do you?”


With a rough jerk, Korra pulled Asami’s thighs up onto her shoulders. A single touch in the Avatar state was enough to make the belt fall away, and then she was tongue deep inside her girlfriend. After so much build-up, it didn’t take much to have Asami arch in bliss, and squeezing Korra’s head between her thighs.


Mako’s shouting told her that his dick was probably starting to turn purple form the prolonged denial, but that wasn’t her problem. The thought of all that blood flowing to his manhood, of the veins throbbing against the skin, it pleased her. For years his only thought had been about where he was going to stick his dick next, and now he couldn’t even scratch his own balls! If that wasn’t justice, Korra didn’t know what was!

“Oh- Oh KORRA!”

“That’s Avatar-Sama to you, remember?”


Korra smiled up at her pleasure-crazed lover, and gave it a single lick. She had meant the look to be tender, but with her white eyes, it came off as a bit creepy. “Well when you say it like that… I guess I will relent.”

Of course, the Avatar never did things half way. As her mouth began to suck, air began to swirl around in her mouth. At the same time two streams of water lanced toward Asami, joining together and becoming a dildo once they were close.

That penetrated her pussy, and at the same instant another made of stone lanced through the mattress, and took her ass. Asami arched high, and screamed. Her eyes opened just in time to see two chains racing down from the ceiling. The end links of these opened at the last minute, and clamped down on Asami’s nipples. Without moving a finger, Korra commanded the chains to pull up, tugging hard on Asami’s nipples.


Avatar-Sama didn’t mind the face full of fluids she got, hearing that scream was more than worth it. “You always were a bit of a masochist.”

“I-I am not!”

“Then why were the chains what finally pushed you over the edge? You had plenty of chances to cum from the other stuff…”

Asami’s face was so red it wouldn’t be hard to believe that she had become a fire bender! “I-I… Well it was all happening so fast!”

“Shall we try a second round” I’ll go much more slowly this time so we can narrow down exactly what your trigger is…”

“Th-That won’t be necessary…”

With their fun out of the way, Korra released the chains, and put Asami back in her belt. She of course intended to check on Mako, but when she turned to him, the man had passed out! Korra could only assume that he had gotten so worked up that his body couldn’t take the stress, and gave up. His face was looking pretty purple also though.

“Guess I should get him down…”

Not willing to waste the extra effort, she made the chains holding him snap. Mako and his heavy metal prison crashed to the ground head first. It didn’t even dent of course, and he was totally fine. Well he was lying face down and totally helpless, but he was fine in the overall sense at least. She would come back for him later.


A few days passed, bringing Mako’s total time I captivity to over a week. They hadn’t let him cum in all that time, while making sure to tease him constantly. He had broken down sobbing a few times, nearly making Asami give in. Korra had to be the hammer at those times. They hadn’t launched this plan to give up in the middle!

“A-Are you feeding him enough?” Asami asked as Korra stepped into the elevator. She had to keep Asami away until she toughened up.

“He’s perfectly healthy.” From the back of her furry waist wrap, Korra pulled out a little leather-bound notebook. “Have a look at this. It is a list from Bei Fong of all the girls Mako has been with since you and me. Maybe going to pay them a visit will help you remember our goal here? If you still feel the same after, I’ll let you do with him as you please.”

Asami didn’t say anything as Korra sunk into the floor with the elevator, there really wasn’t much to say. This was Asami’s idea, so saying that she regretted it wouldn’t be right, she at least had to look in to what Korra had given her. Until then she was sure that Mako would be fine with Korra… probably.

Stepping off the elevator, Korra made her way across the floor to where Mako was waiting. He was in a frame made of thinly bent metal bars, this formed a body-tight frame that hold him in the doggy style position. Behind it was a throne made of metal bending, it had been positioned the perfect distance away.

“Good evening, Mako. Enjoying yourself?”

“No! My knees hurt! Couldn’t you have put padding in this thing?!”

Seeing that he was in no mood to be social, Korra walked passed him, and sat in the throne. “Does this look like a hotel to you?”

“Maybe one from a horror movie…”

“Relax! You won’t die at the end… but you might wish you did…”

On that note, Korra’s feet stretched out once again, and she began to stroke the length of his cock. This of course was left free from the bars, as was his ass. Though as tightly bound as he was… Well even Mako wasn’t strong enough to break steel!

“K-Korra… please… Don’t touch that!”

“Really? Guys are usually begging for the opposite…”

“Well most guys are allowed to finish!”

With her toes stroking up and down the length of his penis, Korra began to laugh. “You’ve got a point there! Is that what you want, to cum?”

Mako’s whole body went rigid, more so than any torture they had put him through. “I-Is that actually a possibility?”

“Of course it is, but you’ve got to deserve it.”

He wanted so badly to turn and face her, so he could aim his puppy-dog eyes at her. With a face like his it would probably work! With his whole body wrapped in tight metal bars though, with only his face, ass, and crotch free, he couldn’t do much of anything.

“A-Anything, just name it!”

Korra couldn’t help but notice that escape, or begging to be set free were now far from his mind. “Can you be a good boy for me, and stop making my life so difficult? Why not call me and Asami ‘Mistress’ while you’re at it?”

It could have been her imagination, but it seemed like Mako was wagging his ass like a dog! Though he could hardly move half an inch in any direction. “M-Mistress Korra, I know I’ve done nothing to deserve it, but if you let me cum now, I promise I’ll be a good boy!”

She had just scolded Asami for going to easy on him, so this might have made her a bit of a hypocrite…but… it wasn’t like she was letting him go, right? She was just letting him have a bit of fun! Everyone deserved that much at least every once in awhile! They had been teasing him none stop for over a week, keeping him constantly on edge…

“You know if you go back on your word at this point, I am going to make the rest of your life a living hell, don’t you?”

“I-I can imagine, Mistress.”

“Good, just wanted to warn you in advance.”

Korra could only blame herself for this, after all this position was just so tempting! She had only ever intended to use it to tease him, but restraint had never been her strong suit. Her right foot gripped the underside of his shaft, and her left foot began to rub his asshole. Mako obviously hadn’t expected that, he was a strong male playboy after all. Butt play never crossed his mind!

“U-Uh… Korra?”

“’Scuse me?”

Mako bit his tongue, almost in the literal sense. “Uh… I mean… Mistress… Do you really have to play with that part?”

“Have to? No, I imagine not. Thing is though I want to! Are you going to deny me that? Is my ‘good boy’ going to start making a fuss already?”

Mako bit his lip, and Korra could all but see his internal struggle. Did he want to cum, or did he want to cling to the last shreds of his dignity? After a week of tease and denial, all men would have answered the same. “I-I’m sorry, Mistress… Do with me as you please.”

“Good boy! I’m so proud of you!”

She wasn’t being condescending at all, she really meant that! For the first time he had shown her that there was hope to turn him into a proper pet, and for that he deserved a reward! Not just any reward either, he deserved all she could give!

Asami might have scolded her for it, probably with some line about Tenzin, but Korra entered the Avatar state. A thin line of water rose up from the floor, and entered the hole of Mako’s dick. At the same time it lubricated him, making her stroking easier, and faster. Another water dildo entered his throat, and his nipples were tickled by tiny, dancing tornadoes.

“Cum for me, my pet, cum until your spirit disconnects from your body!”


“That’s mistress to you.”

Sure it would have been easy to ram his ass with a rock dildo, or even a metal one, but where would the fun have been, the intimacy? Using water to lubricate him as she went, Korra pushed into his ass more and more, while at the same time stroking him more and more. Mako was squirming with everything he had.

“Does it feel good, slave? Getting my foot shoved in your ass?” Korra withheld the water for a moment, to allow him to respond.

“N-No! It hurts!”

By that point Korra had three toes inside him, she could feel his body heat rising as he lied. “Lie to me again and I will block your orgasm from inside at the last second. Male genitals are weak, it would be easy.”

“Y-You can do that?”

“I am the Avatar, of course I can.”

Mako lowered his head in defeat… what was he supposed to do? She seemed to have the better of him at every turn! “I-It feels good…”

“I’m sorry? What was that?”

Biting his lip, Mako’s desire to cum finally destroyed any resistance he had left, and his remaining dignity with it. “IT FEELS GOOD!”

Her glowing eyes traveled up and down his back, but always ended up back on his ass, which was swallowing its fourth toe. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve got a lot going on back here, you are going to have to be more specific.

She was making this as painful for him as she could possibly manage… What did it matter anymore? He had gone this far. “I-It feels good when you stick your foot in my ass, Mistress! Please pleasure me more!”

“That is more what a good boy sounds like!”

The final push sent the fifth toe into his ass, and Korra was that much closer to a foot-fisting! His insides clung to her as her right foot mercilessly pumped his dick, her toe-grip was something beyond compare! Were Mako not trying to stay in her good graces, he might have described it as being monkey-like!

None of that mattered to him at the moment though. Korra once again assaulted his throat with her watery dildo, and his urethra, and increased the air on his nipples! Mako’s body went slack from the pleasure, but the metal fram kept him from falling.

When that special moment finally came, Mako wanted to scream with joy, but he couldn’t. All he could do was helplessly twitch as Korra brought him to the most fulfilling orgasm of his life. You might not believe people when they say they are ‘backed up’, but after the week Mako had, he was surprised his soul didn’t come out with the rest of the spray!

An unbelievable white torrent coated the floor. The water was forced out in an instant, and the tickling of the thick fluid rushing out of his body became Mako’s whole existence. Was this really an orgasm? He had never felt anything like it! The cum just wouldn’t stop! This rope after rope shot out, stringing across the floor well passed his body!

How many minutes did it take to end? He didn’t want to know. It felt like he had been cleansed of all his sins, of everything. He was more enlightened at that moment than the most dedicated air nomad. He could see all of the universe, all of creation!

“Well, how do you feel, slave? Still think being our pet is so horrible?”

If he had to slave away for them for the rest of his life for the chance to feel this way even once more… he would. “Mistress… I-I…There are no words to describe this!”

“Is that your answer?”

“Yes! I’ll be your slave,your puppy, anything! I’ll be a good boy for as long as I must to feel like this again!”

Korra felt like she had won a great victory! Once Asami returned, she was sure the woman would be happy as well. “Lucky for you I am in a good mood. You won’t have to wait another minute to feel good again! Let’s see how much you have left in you!”

“M-Mistres wait, it’s too soon!”

“Never tell your mistress to wait. When I tell you to cum, you say when, how much, and which way do I aim it. Otherwise your dick is as limp and useless as a senile old man, got it?”


With a smile on her face that could only be called ‘Korra sized’, the Avatar went about milking her playmate with her feet. She had never thought that all the fancy footwork for her Avatar training, and her pro-bending matching, would be used for anything but that. Turns out that it actually made you great and Footjobs! And Mako quickly learned that, for better of worse.


Asami didn’t get back until that night, and she found Mako and Korra still in the dungeon. By using water bending to heal him, Korra had made Mako cum constantly all day long, turning the floor of the workshop into a sticky, white sea.

“What the hell is this!?”

“Oh, hey, Asami! Did you learn anything good on your trip?”

Looking at her lover, who’s feet were still pumping away on two different area’s, Asami couldn’t think about how to respond at first. “W-Well… There was a lot of crying… I got slapped by two different women just for mentioning his name… And I think I might have started a lynch mob… Probably good we have him underground.”

“Really? A lynch mob? Is this the dark ages?”

“Seems he is able to drive women to some serious business. Those women were crushed, Korra. A lot of them planned out their lives with him, long lives. They had names for kids, the ideal house picked out, a savings started for it…”

Holding up her hand, Korra put an end to Asami’s rant. “STOP! I can’t take the sob story! It’s like the plot to a bad romance movie!”

“You are the one who sent me out there.”

“I did, but you remind you of what we need to do. Well, what do you think now? Do you still want to let him go?”

Asami shook her head, sending her dark locks dancing. “No. In fact I am tempted to have you lock him in the spirit world for the rest of time.”


“Not more so than he deserves. But I think that we could do just a little bit better than the spirits. What do you say, shall we make his life hell?”

Korra jumped to her feet, ripping her foot out of Mako with a ‘pop’. “I like that fire! So what’s it going to be first?”

“I don’t do things half way, Korra. Let’s go upstairs and formulate a plan.”

“You got it, Chief!”


Asami did what she did best, she drew up a plan, and then she invented something. This time though she didn’t take the time to safety test it. Her invention was housed in a recess she had cut from the stone wall, and it held Mako’s arms and legs straight out to the sides. With his limbs hidden inside the heavy metal frame, he looked like a quadruple amputee!

“Asami… Are you sure you don’t want to design this for household use?”

“There is no way it would work. The amount of metal it took would strip the planet bare in a few years. Plus the weight and shipping costs…”

“What about a scaled down model?”

With her arms crossed over her chest, the dark-haired beauty looked sternly at her lover. “Korra, don’t you think you are forgetting why we are here?”

“Oh yeah… This is the part where you turn it on, right? Well what are you waiting for! I want to see him squirm!”

Looking to Mako, Asami didn’t think he was going to be doing much of that. “If you wanted to allow him movement you should have told me in advance. With this design I don’t know if it is possible… I’ll have to amend-”

“Give me the damn controller!”

Before Asami could stop her, Korra snatched the controls from her. “Korra, wait! You don’t know how to-”

“It’s the big green ‘power’ button, obviously!”

While she wasn’t wrong, Asami would have liked a chance to take notes. Korra was not the patient type though. She slammed on the button, and the machine hummed to life. A 12 inch dildo covered in nubs started to penetrate Mako’s spread ass from below. Powered by a Future Industries piston, the dildo could have easily fucked him clear of the floor without the aid of the restraint frame. But that frame served more purposes than just restraint.

“I can’t believe it, A machine that fucks! Can you make one for me too, Asami?”

“Do I look like an idiot to you? Doing that would be directly against my survival instincts. Once you had such a machine you would have no use for me! Even if you did keep me around, I would never see you!”

Korra seemed genuinely hurt by the comment. “That isn’t true at all! Maybe the second part a little… But not the first part at all! What about a double ended one that we could enjoy together? Maybe one for both holes, with clit and nipple vibrators?!”

“So this one is too simple for you, I take it?”

Asami never had been one to take insults to her machines lightly. “Um… well it isn’t that… but you know, it could have more…”

“And what do you think all these buttons are for?”

While Korra stared at the complicated remote in confusion, Asami took it back. Other than the big green and red ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons, there were a network of at least a dozen other buttons, all with their own function, as well as buttons to set the speed and power of each function.

“Let the master show you how it’s done.”

“Asami, you’re so cool!”

Every once in awhile Asami felt like she was due a cocky, triumphant smile, and this was one of those times. Though if the reactor inside the machine decided to meltdown and blow them all to ashes, well… that could well be the last smile she ever wore! The machine was only a prototype after all, and the reactor inside was the first of its kind.

“How’s this!”

When Asami pressed the next button, another robotic arm came up from the floor, or the base of the machine. This one came equipped with a clear, silicone sex-sleeve. That slipped over Mako’s dick, and began to pump as it secreted lube at the same time.

“No fucking way!”

Korra rushed up to see closer, though Asami would have preferred if she kept herself at a same distance. Korra didn’t seem to care one lick about safety. Like a tourist, she was checking her watch for the exact moment when the ‘Mako Geyser’ was going to blow. And blow it did. Though at that exact moment a suction cup rushed to cover his dick, and suck up the load.

“Whoa! You’re collecting it?”

“Why not? Might make an interesting game later.”

Looking at her lover with pride, Korra nodded. “So how long is it safe to keep him inthis thing anyway?”

“That is the very next function I was going to show you!”

The next button brought a tube down from above. This slipped into the plug-gag Mako wore, deep into his throat, and locked itself in place. Some sort of dark sludge was then pumped into his stomach. There was obvious panic in his eyes for a minute, but it faded.

“He is being fed a nutrient mix used on Coma patients. Usually it is waterbent in, but the pump works just as well. When he needs to use the bathroom, sensors will release other tube to collect the waste and dispose of it through our sewer system. He can stay in here for years without fear of muscle degradation or weight loss!”

Korra couldn’t help but sniffle a bit. “I-It’s too much, Asami! You should have saved it for my birthday at least! Come on, let’s give him the night to test it!”

“After you.”

Mako screamed into his gag after them, but they didn’t even offer him a wave in departure. He had gone from boyfriend, to friend, to boyfriend, to friend, to captive, to pet, and now he was just decor! How long did they really intend to keep him like this? Did he even want to know the answer? Oh well… at least he had solitude?