Lineart By: JonathanBN

Coloring By: Deviantotaku

Story By: Tiedup Temari


Waking up to the sun gently warming her skin, and the sound of birds chirping, Korra might as well have been queen of the world! Outside there was a spirit deer playing with a deer from the physical world without a care in the world. Could they tell the difference? She was sure they could, yet it didn’t seem to bother them.

Far more interesting to her though, was the woman who had been sleeping beside her. She fell asleep in a black lace thong, with nothing to cover her top. Such underwear would have created a scandal back in the southern water tribe, she was sure her mother had never heard of anything like it! Her father on the other hand… He probably would have run off with Asami! There was a rumor that he was quite a playboy in his day!

“Speaking of playboys…”

They needed to check on Mako at some point today, and Korra was sure that Asami wouldn’t take kindly to another unannounced trip to the dungeon alone. She already thought that Korra was spending too much time with Mako… Honestly she only went down there to see what new and crazy functions Asami’s first invention would show her!

It hadn’t been her intention, but she had made the love of her life jealous. It was adorable honestly, but it was a situation that needed repaired. Looking at Asami’s plump ass in that thong now, Korra intended to do some very serious… repairing…

“Asaaamiii… Time to wake up….” Korra whispered gently as she crossed the room in only her water-tribe booty shorts, chest wrap, bicep and arm bands, and a band around each thigh.


The soft moan was so adorable it made Korra shiver. “Well if you are going to be a baby about it, I’ll let you sleep awhile longer.”

Asami was softly snoring again by the time Korra reached the bed. The Avatar slipped onto the lavender sheets behind her lover, who was sleeping on her side, facing the empty spot that Korra had previously occupied. They always faced sleeping each other. It was important to see something wonderful when you woke up each morning, right?

“I’ll just help myself then…”

Wrapping her arms around Asami’s plump butt, Korra pulled the woman close. Asami was asleep, so she obviously didn’t notice the motion at first, but she did notice once Korra started kissing it. Each peck on her meaty, impossible soft bubble of a butt made her giggle. Korra wasn’t going to stop at giggles though.

“Kooorraaa…I’m trying to sleep!”

“You’re being lazy!”

“I-I am not!”

With a devilish grin on her face, Korra sunk her teeth into the soft flesh of Asami’s cheek, sucking on it as she did. At that moment playful giggles turned to a gasp of surprise, that melted quickly into a moan.

“J-Just give me another half hour, okay? After that I’ll wake up, and we can play. I was up late working on new designs!”

Pausing to think about it, Korra pulled the rear close to her face, until she was buried in it. “I guess… But I’m staying right here!”

“You know I always sleep like a baby when your arms are wrapped around me, regardless of where they are wrapped!”

Korra had never been the ‘plan guy’ so timing this right was a big deal to her. She was going to make sure Asami got exactly the kind of jump-start she needed! But she had to wait, had to bide her time. Not that is was hard… With her face buried in that warm rear, Korra was sure she could have easily fallen asleep.

Five minutes passed, then ten, though it took only a fraction of that for Asami to start softly snoring again. After letting a reasonable amount of time pass, Korra gently eased down the thong, being careful not to let the lace tickle Asami’s skin too much as it passed over her ankles and off the tips of her toes.

“Now the fun begins…”

It was a little awkward with one of them laying on their side, but Korra was able to use her left hand to pull the cheeks apart just enough. After that, her face was truly in Asami’s ass, with her mouth pressed right up against the gate to the kingdom.

Of course it might seem like a strange thing to do without prompt, but there was a good reason for it. Asami was slutty in a lot of ways. Of course there were the normal ways, but she also turned into a slut and came a lot if she was tickled, and she had this thing about the inside of her thighs, and then pretty much anything that happened to her while she was tied up… But she was also an anal slut. Any contact with her back door was sure to make her cum in seconds. Korra had a theory that girls with big asses just had a natural affinity for anal, as she was rather fond of it herself. All that aside though, Asami would never see this coming!

When the tongue made contact, it wasn’t what you might expect. Asmai’s body flinched, but her mind was trapped in sleep. Korra was sure that the woman was probably having amazing dreams as she felt the wiggling tongue. Soft moans began to escape from the sleeping woman, and Korra knew she was on the right track.

“Uuhhnn… Korra noooo…Uuhhh.. Huh? K-Korra?! That wasn’t a dream? H-Hey! What are you doing? L-Let go of me!”

“Is that really what you mean, Asami?”

“Y-Yes! I-I’m not ready f-foohh… for… Ooooh…” As Asami struggled to put together her response, Korra renewed her ‘ass’ault. Her tongue pushed hard, wiggling right against the hole until it began to force it open. “N-NOOO!! N-not fair…”

And with that, Korra pulled away. “Alright, Asami. If you really want me to stop, I won’t take advantage of your slutty ass. What should we make for breakfast?”

At that moment, Asami became lost. She was standing one step too far off the edge of a cliff, and didn’t have a glider! The shock made her thrust her ass out on instinct, seeking any kind of contact. Korra was already on her feet though, stretching and walking away. There wasn’t a snowballs chance of Asami falling asleep now!

“K-Korra, wait!”

Turning around with her fingers interlocked behind her head, Korra raised an eyebrow. “Something wrong, Asami? You look like an elephant-rhino just crushed your favorite satomobile.”

“You know damn well what’s wrong!”

Pretending she had no idea what was going on was a very important part of the plan! “Did you have a strange dream or something? You’re acting really weird!”

That little moment of doubt was all it took. People got confused easily when they were tired, especially when they were dreaming and then woke up really fast. “I uh… Well… I thought you were… you know…”

“If you need my help with something you just have to ask. You know I will always help you any way I can.”

Asami seemed both flustered and frustrated. “Well… I thought you were… in my dream anyway… You were playing with my ass… I guess I got so flustered and worked up that I thought it was real, now I am… well… Horny…”

“You remember our rules about asking for butt play I assume?”

“Of course!” In an instant Asami turned around, planted her cheek against the mattress, and cocked her ass into the air. “Mistress, I’m just a horny slut, but won’t you please play with my ass until I am nothing more than a squirting, drooling animal?”

Korra loved hearing her beg so much that she had made Asami practice. Was that wrong? Hell if she cared! It was hot, and that trumped everything! Watching Asami shaking her ass in the air like a dog in head, Korra could only count her plan a success.

“Spread your legs wider.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Asami did just that, arching her back more at the same time to try to keep her ass from lowering. Those big meaty cheeks… They were like a sirens call to Korra, steering her toward the rocks of fate! Oh well… Maybe that whole ‘sleep with the fishes’ saying was meant to be more inspirational than the mobsters wanted us to believe? At that moment, Korra was more than willing to jump in bed with a certain ass-spreading mermaid.

“I guess since you’ve asked so nicely I can help you out.”

Asami was already trembling with anticipation. It no longer mattered to her if it had been a dream or not, the begging was done, and her pride had been tossed aside. Right now all that mattered was scratching her itch, and Asami was feeling like Korra had rubbed poison ivy all over her asshole!

Korra might have been a bit sadistic when it came to her games, but she was far from cruel. Right now her lover was suffering, and she intended to do everything in her power to end that suffering! Oh, it was going to be hell! What had she ever done to deserve this punishment? Pleasuring the ass of a slutty, impossibly hot bombshell! Oh the inhumanity!

With a big grin on her face, Korra sat down do that the back of her knees were resting against the back of Asami’s. She took one cheek in each hand, spread them, and then got to work. Poor Asami… Even though she had begged for it, she hardly made it 5 seconds before her first orgasm! Though Korra didn’t stop there. She kept going for hours and hours, long passed the point where Asami was just screaming insane gibberish as she gushed fluids out all over the bed. Oh yes, booty was a part of a well-balanced breakfast, believe it or not!


Continuing that day required a shower for both of them, though Asami had to be carried. She kept thanking Korra the whole time, begging for a way to repay her. Korra was willing to entertain the thought, so after they had changed the bedding, she told Asami to put her belt on. She was forbidden from wearing anything but that metal thong for the rest of the week. Asami was more than happy to obey.

“Now that you’ve washed the slut off yourself, are you ready to go see Mako?”

Asami groaned as the belt locked, obviously not fond of the idea. “Do we have to? I was having such a good day!”

“If you do this for me, I promise that it will only get better!”


The belt Asami had made was special in more than one way. It was made out of meteorite metal. This was not only strong, but especially easy to metal bend. Because of that, Korra always kept a block of it close, like in the closet!

Before Asami knew what was going on, Korra bent the flowing metal toward the belt. The metals merged, and began to flow into Asami’s ass. Here they formed a 10 inch dildo that connected to the belt by a finger-width arm, and formed to the natural shape of Asami’s insides. At the same time they toy was big enough to push constantly against her walls, so that Asami knew the toy was there with every movement.

“K-Korra! I can’t go around like this!”

“You think its hard now? Did you know that meteorite metal also takes especially well to vibrations? I wonder what would happen if I turned the belt on…”

“I would be on the ground twitching and cumming my brains out in seconds! Which I fully intend to have you test, but not right now. I believe you wanted to go see Mako? Let’s get it done then, I have things to do!”

As Asami walked away, Korra couldn’t help but notice how she was sticking her butt out, and swaying is much more than usual. This was going to be fun… “Right behind you… the view is much better from back here…”

“You say something?” Asami asked, only turning once she had stepped into the elevator.

“Only that I love you!”

The nearly-naked beauty grabbed her as she stepped in, and kissed her right on the lips. “I love you too! Even more after this morning…”

“I will gladly eat your ass anytime you ask, dear, but you have to ask properly!”

Holding tightly to Korra’s hand, Asami nodded. She knew that if they continued that conversation any further, she wouldn’t have enough willpower to resist! They would either end up getting fluids in the elevator systems, or they would be giving Mako a show. She was a lady, she had to learn to control herself!

“And how is our special man today?”


While he was in no position to answer her properly, Mako was still conscious enough to respond to the sound of voices. Currently he was being violated by toys in all three of his holes: his throat, ass, and urethra. There was also a vibrating wand pressed up to his balls, and a precision vibrator on each of his nipples.

“Wow, I’ve never seen that many toys before!” Korra said with a smile.

“He must have been putting up quite a fight this morning, it is in ‘suppression’ mode right now. I think he has calmed down.”

“No doubt. You think you can keep it going, but remove the one from his throat? I want to ask him some questions.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”

As Asami began to operate the remote, Korra put a finger to her chin in thought. “Either Asami Sato, or Butt Slut, I get the two confused all the time…”

The words caught Asami so off guard that she accidentally maxed the power. Mako came so hard and so suddenly that he forced the toy from his dick, and continued to spray fluid out over the floor. Asami was quick to correct, but Korra was already howling with laughter.

“Oh man! You don’t see that every day! It’s a cock rocket!”

With the machine back to normal, Asami was quick to remove the toy from his throat, as Korra asked. “Korra, don’t say such embarassing things in front of him! I don’t want Mako to know about stuff like that!”

“Relax, beautiful, this is hardly Mako anymore! He is little more than a toy for us to play with, a mindless slut! Might as well tease him by letting him think about cumming in your ass while you scream his name, right?”


It was too late to take it back though, Mako did think about it, and he came. This splatter landed right at Korra’s bare feet. “Well, I can see you are conscious at least, and you can hear us. How about answering some questions, Mako?”

Poor guy was on his last legs. “Uuuhh… please….help me…”

“I was just about to ask you about that, actually. How would you like to come down from that machine? Cumming all the time might be fun, but I bet you are pretty sore, huh?”


“I’ll do anything!!!”

Turning to Asami with a big smile on her face, Korra nodded toward the helpless man. “You heard him, Asami, let the man down.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“What’s it going to hurt? If he steps out of line we put him right back where he was. He’s been a good boy for the past few days, why not give him a reward?”

“He’s been good because he’s been bound in a machine and not allowed to eat, walk, talk, or even shit on his own! That’s hardly worthy of praise!”

Korra already had her mind made up though, and when Korra’s mind was made up, that meant things were already decided. “Asami… Trust me, okay?”

With a growl, Asami pressed the release button, and Mako spilled out onto the floor. “If he escapes it is on you.”

Korra had no intention of letting him escape. Of course she wanted to explore the machine more too, but doing the same things every day was boring! Today she wanted to have some fun, and toy with Mako a little! Was that so wrong? Well that would depend on who you asked… most people would say this was wrong from the start.

“You know you have to be a good boy, right?” Korra crouched on the floor near the groaning Mako, and gently pat his head. “Otherwise I am going to let her decide how we treat you from now on, and she isn’t very fond of you at all!”

“I-I understand…”

“Good boy!”

A smile was aimed at Asami, and she could only sigh in response. She turned away and waited in the elevator while Korra collared and leashed Mako. He was a strong guy, but his legs were weak from constant orgasms. Each step he took was slow, shaky, and his knees were pointed inward slightly to defend his abused balls. He was the very embodiment of a slave! He was a broken man, if Korra had ever seen one.


Soon they arrived back in the bedroom, where those warm, clean, lavender-colored sheets waited for them. Mako had never seen the bedroom of their shared house. Looking around one could spot a few pair’s of Asami’s lacy underwear, stockings, socks, some bras, sexy toys… Asami was a bit of a slob without servants around, and Korra was no better!

Taking he initiative, Korra sat the two down on the bed. “Alright you two, time to get serious for a minute. I want us to have fun today, that means you two have to get along. Even if it is just for today, act for me, okay?”

Korra turned to Asami first, who wore only the chastity thong. “I will do anything for you, Korra. Think you can take this belt off in exchange?”

“Oh, absolutely! But what about you, Mako? Will you be a good boy for Asami?”

“If it keeps me out of that cage, I’ll bark like a dog even!”

Saying those words were a mistake, he knew it the second they left his mouth. “Well, let’s have it then!” Korra was never going to let that pass.

Lowering his head, Mako knew he had no choice. “R-Ruff…ruff…”

“I think he looks more like a little yappy dog, make a cuter sound!”

Asami was good at being cruel at the worst times. “W-Wan wan!”

Though it had been painful, Korra did clap for him. “Not bad! Now, Asami… Let’s have you assume the anal position, and I’ll let you have some fun.”

The instant Korra touched the belt in the Avatar state, it fell away. Asami moved into the ordered position just as fast. The very idea that she was going to get to have fun with her butt twice in a day was… well… Mind-blowing! She would gladly put up with Mako if it would lead to something as magical as that!

“One slut down, one to go!”

Following her instructions led Mako to be kneeling on the bed behind Asami. He had been cumming non-stop for the past…How long had it been again? Being inside that machine, nothing to eat, drink, piss, shit, or even decide when to go to sleep on your own… It had a way of making a person forget what time was!

However, all that cumming didn’t change the fact that Mako was now staring into one of the most beautiful asses he had ever seen. No matter how sore his dick was from the constant abuse, he was still able to get hard. The cuffs that Korra placed on his wrists and elbows only seemed to make him more so… Strange.

“What are you thinking, Mako?” She whispered into his ear so that Asami couldn’t hear them. It would be no fun if there were no surprises.

“I-I’m thinking I want to fuck Asami in the ass, Mistress.”

Korra had, of course, seen this coming. Mako was a person who thought only with his dick, which was why he was in that situation. “I might just be willing to allow that. However… there are going to be some conditions that you might not be fond of.”


“There is a price for everything, isn’t there?” They both locked eyes with Asami’s impatiently trembling bottom, as if they were staring into the swirling vortex of eternity. All of the answers to lifes questions could be seen in there…

“I-I’ll do anything!” Mako whispered harshly.

“Well then, you have a choice to make. You can either lick her ass and make her cum countless times, enjoying a safe, boring day. Or you can fuck her. Be warned, after you shoot her ass full to your hearts content, you will be expected to eat all your cum out of her.”


With her hand on his shoulder, Korra nodded. “She isn’t going to be too happy about suddenly getting a dick in her ass, even more so the dick of someone she doesn’t like. You licking her clean is just common courtesy, the licking will also make it up to her!”

He hadn’t been given many choices since being taken by those two, so when he did have a choice it was something to think on. At the same time though… that ass… Licking it was the safer option for sure, but at the same time he wondered how many chances he would get like this. They were sure to send him back to hell before long…

“Let me put it inside her!”

“Determination, that’s what I like! Be a good boy for one second, and then we will start the fun!”

Korra was skipping with determination as she attached a leather cuff to each of Asami’s limbs. Her wrists were bound to the corresponding ankle, locking her with her ass up in the air. Mako’s sudden dicking was sure to come as a surprise, and Asami was likely to buck around a bit. She was stubborn like that, cared about appearances too much. She had to learn to accept when something felt good!

“K-Korra?” Asami said, surprised by the sudden bindings.

“Just relax, sexy lady, I’ll take care of everything. You trust me to make you feel good, don’t you? You’re not doubting my skill, are you?”

“O-Of course I trust you! Your skill has never let me down before!”

With a nod, Korra held the ball of a harness ballgag up to her mouth. “Exactly right. Now open wide, we don’t want your screams disturbing the neighbors!”

“B-But Korra… We don’t have any neepphhoorrssshh… MRRHH!!”

Everything was good and secure, so Korra gave Mako a thumbs up. With his heart racing the bound man inched forward. It was hard to move with his arms bound, but he was soon behind Asami with his manhood draped over her back as he crouched, ready to pounce on her.

“Mhhm? HRRM? UNN HRRN!!”

“Looks like the cats outta the bag, Mako, it’s now or never!”

She didn’t need to tell him that! He had no intention of missing this chance. Luckily Asami’s squirming didn’t take her much of anywhere, because he had no hands to hold her still with, and also no way of loosening her up in advance. As his thick manhood pressed against her back door and began to enter easily, Asami could only wonder if Korra’s playtime earlier today had simply been in preparation of this. Had she planned all of this out in advance!?”

The head popping in was the defining moment. As the widest part entered her, it created a vaccum that allowed his fully length to enter her in an instant. Mako’s 10 inches of meat was halfway to her stomach before she could scream in protest.

“MMMHH-hhmmm… mmhhmm… mmmmmm…”

What was meant to be a gagged tirade turned into a pathetic slutty moan. Asami was ashamed of the sound she made, but at the same time could to nothing to stop it. Korra had probably known this too. While she plotted during Asami’s sleep, she took careful note of how slutty Asami’s ass was, knowing that she needed that weakness to make her plan work.

“How is it, Asami?”

That same woman appeared beside the bed to fill her vision. Her lover, the woman who would be her wife and spend the rest of their lives together. Korra knew everything about her. At that moment it became obvious that Korra knew her even better than she knew herself. How could she fight something that felt so damn good?!

“Mmmhhhmmm….” The sultry woman nodded, her full lips clinging to the red ball between her teeth in desperation.

“I had a feeling you’d say that. Don’t get comfortable though, the fun is only just starting! I expect you to see it through to the end.”

This was how she started? Already Asami was feeling it more than she had this morning, yet Korra intended to go further? The Avatar offered Mako a slap on the ass as she made her way passed him, and went to get herself prepared for the fun as well. Watching could only bring a person so much joy, after all!

Korra was sure that her pets didn’t even know she was gone though. The few minutes it took her to strip out of her panties and chest wrap were nothing to them, they just pounded away without a care in the world!

When she returned, Korra had traded her panties for a long water-tribe-blue strap on. Her thigh and arm bands still accompanied this, giving her the appearance of a tribal dominatrix. Maybe she should get a patent for the look? She doubted many girls from back home often found themselves wearing strapons!

“H-Hey… What are you doing?” Mako said as Korra came up behind him.

“Do I look like someone who need to explain herself to you?”

Mako of course already knew what she was doing, he could see that much just by looking over his shoulder. What he could not do however, was stop Korra. He tried to push her away with his hands, but could hardly reach even a few inches. The resulting struggling stirred up Asami’s insides, making him scrape and grind on her walls, pulling and shifted her insides. She came, blissfully ignorant of the struggle going on behind her.

“Chill out, I don’t want to have to punish you!”

“Then what do you call this?!”

“I’m joining the fun! You have been getting fucked in the ass either by us, my foot, or a machine since you got here. Don’t lie to me and say you don’t love it!”

That moment of hesitation was all Korra needed to plunge into him. Even at her worst she was still physically stronger than Mako, and she intended to use that. Her first thrust was strong enough to make him and the connected Asami bounce more than an inch clear of the mattress. One pump was all it took to make Mako cum. The feeling of her ass being filled with hot goo drove Asami over the edge at the same time.

“Aww, was that too much for my little babies? Well then you might want to brace yourselves, because we are just getting started!”


After working the both of them until they passed out, Korra joined them for a nap. She was sure that everyone was satisfied, but Mako seemed to have a different opinion. He waited until everyone was asleep, and then he made his move.

“Sorry ladies… it was fun, but I have a life to live!”

Hands still cuffed behind his back, he sneaked his way out of the house. It was surprising to him that he managed to make it that far without anyone waking up, but he wasn’t about to lose this chance. There were a few miles of dirt road between him and the city, but he didn’t care. Even barefoot and butt naked, Mako was going to go for it!

“I really don’t care if anyone seems me at this point.”

Those were his last words of encouragement to himself. With that his feet started to pound the dirt, kicking up a cloud of dust as he sprinted. Never in his life had he realized just how important underwear were… He felt like he was going to lose something, the way everything down there was flapping around! But he couldn’t afford to stop!

Mako ran until his feet hurt, only to see that his escape would fall short. Lin Beifong stood in the middle of the road, roughly halfway to the city. Even on his best day Mako knew he had no chance of beating her. Restrained like he was it really wasn’t even worth a shot… He didn’t want to go back though, didn’t want to give up!

“Well well, what have we here?”

“Chief, you’ve gotta let me go!” Mako had of course heard from the others that Beifong had covered up his kidnapping. Part of him didn’t want to believe it though, as her pride as a low enforcement officer shouldn’t have allowed something like that.

“Oh, and why is that?”

If he could talk his way out of this, he might still have a chance! “This is wrong and you know it! If you let me go, I swear I’ll never say a word!”

“And what if I believe the city is a safer place with you locked away?”

“Y-You can’t… Why?”

With her arms crossed and her bare soles pressed against the earth, Lin was like a statue. “Part of it is personal preference, the other part is to stop all the crimes your emotionally distraught girlfriends commit when drive by grief.”

“B-But that’s not-”

“Not your fault? Then enlighten me, who is at fault for your actions? It’s timed you owned up, Mako. You can’t use your dick to worm your way out of this one, I am not nearly as impressed by it as all those college girls.”

She had no intention of letting him go… The chief of police was aiding kidnappers! Just wait until the press heard about this! Lin would have to flee the city and join her mother living in the swamp! Mako would become chief then. Oh yes, he would arrest Asami and Korra, and build them their own personal cell in his house!

Foolish though it might have been he thought that running was a better option than trying to fight the master earth and metal bender while he was restrained. Mako charged off at full speed, hoping that his sudden bolt would take Lin by surprise, and he would be able to get passed the range of her banding in time!

What really happened though, was she held out her foot, and he tripped. “Are we really going to play this game, Mako?”

Okay… that hadn’t worked, but he wasn’t done yet! Rolling over, Mako prepared to launch a firey assault from his feet. There was another foot that wasn’t his filling his vision though. This came down hard and fast, stomping square on his cock, and crushing it against his stomach. There was no way he was fighting back after that!

“You’re pathetic in more ways than I can count! Not that I blame the girls for falling your you, this is some impressive meat between your legs!”


“Aww, is the baby going to cry?”

Lin pushed more and more, and the very life seemed to drain from Mako. She let up when he was on the verge of passing out, and grabbed him by the ankle. With no way to defend himself, and no strength to attempt an escape, Mako could only lie there as Lin dragged him back up the road. The dusty ground grinding against his back didn’t phase him a bit.


It was only a short time later when Lin arrived at the door of the 2 story cabin-style home. She knocked on the door, and waited as the two occupants dressed themselves. Though they hardly came dressed in proper clothes, so she hated to imagine the state they had been in previously. Accept Asami… Now there was a girl that could make even an older woman make some decisions that she might later regret!

“Is this yours?” Lin asked, holding Mako aloft by his ankle like he was a deer recently felled by a hunter.

“Mako!” Asami seemed much more shocked than any of them would have expected. “After what we did together…You really only know how to betray people, don’t you? When I lock you in that machine this time, I’ll make sure you never come out again!”

Had Korra not been there, Asami might just have killed Mako before she could make good on her promise. “Now now, Asami, no reason to get hasty.”

“What are you talking about?! He has to suffer!”

“No doubt about that, naughty slaves get punished, that is basically a law! But Lin here worked hard bringing him back to us. Don’t you think we should let her have a little bit of fun to thank her for catching him?”

Asami might have been nearly blind with rage, but Korra’s voice was a calming flute. It was strange that Korra had to be the one to calm Asami, usually it was the other way around! But there was something about Mako just made her see red! Now that it had been said there was no taking it back. Using Beifong might just work!

“Alright, what have you got in mind?”

“Follow me, Ladies.”


Lin seemed to be more than happy to watch Mako get punished. Korra dragged up a big, soft reading chair for her to sit it, and positioned her perfectly so she could see the bed. By that point Asami had Mako gagged with a water-tribe blue ballgag, his hands still cuffed tightly behind him back, Asami had added shackles to the set, to stop any thoughts of running.

“Now, let’s start the show, shall we?”

“You’ve yet to tell us what your plan is, Korra! It had better be good, otherwise I am taking this into my own hands!”

“Relax, Asami, you’ll love this! You learned some Chi blocking over the years, right? I remember to taking classes on it.”

If the beautiful brunette had been confused before, she was even more so now. “Yeah I learned a bit, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“I want you to block his chi points so that it is impossible for him to orgasm! After that we are going to make him feel sexual pleasure unlike anything he has ever experienced before! What do you think that good enough for you?”


Lin was on the edge of her seat from the moment she heard the plan. “That is the most evil thing I have ever heard! I love it!”

Korra gave the older woman a bow, and turned to Asami. “Please, please, hold the applause! I am just the brains of the outfit, the final decision is with Asami!” They both turned to her lover, who felt the spotlights on her. “Well, can you do it?”

“Of course I can! That just wasn’t something they covered in the class… Honestly I had never thought of using Chi blocking like that… Korra, I am going to need you to hold him. If I hit the wrong thing I could make him sterile, give him ED, or bust one of his nuts!”

“Hear that, Mako? If you were going to work on your statue impersonation, now would be the time. Good luck…”

Korra climbed up onto the bed, and pulled Mako’s legs forward until she was nearly sitting on his face. The room was dead silent as Asami studied her target, with everyone wondering if she would be able to pull it off or not. Her strikes cam in an instant. One hit the base of his balls, the other the base of his dick.


“Did it work!?” Korra asked, wondering if his pain was a good or bad sign.

“Well, nothing turned purple or exploded, so I think so!”

Feeling all the strength drain from his body, Mako’s legs gave out, and he landed on his face. Now they had work to do, before the effects of Asami’s work gave out. First matter was a vibrating cock ring. This was placed close to the base of his member, right where Asami had hit him.

After that, Korra forced Mako to stand, though his legs were obviously a little shaky. The large, long dildo that she worked into his ass didn’t help with that at all. Asami was there to hold him up though, until Korra sat down on the bed behind him, and wrapped her legs around him.

Her skilled feet flipped on the cock ring without issue, and her toes began to stroke his length. At the same time she pulled Mako to her body, hugging him around his neck. She wanted to be sure he had a clear view of what she held in her hand. The remote to the toy in his ass. The dial clicked with each setting, before finally arriving at ‘max’.

“MMMMMMMRRHRHRRR!! MMMMmmmMMmmhh… mmmmmhmmm…”

“Aww, does that feel good, sweety?”


Korra leaned in closer, and licked his neck as she traveled to his ear. “Enjoy it while you can. Once your body realizes orgasm is impossible, it is going to become a living hell!” She could feel his eyes get wide, and his heart beat faster.

“Korra, no fair! What do I get to do?”

“Don’t worry, Asami… you get the most important job of all! You are going to lick his cock, mainly the hole and the head. That is going to give him more pleasure than anything else! It’ll ruin him!”

“I like it!”

Once again using her dexterous feet, Korra held Mako’s manhood at a good angle for Asami to reach it, while at the same time continuing to stroke him. “Allow my too assist you, miss. No reason to dirty your hands!”

“Why thank you, Lady Korra!”

Five minutes ago Asami had been ready to publicly behead Mako in the city square. Both heads. It was amazing what just a little bit of perspective could do for a person. In this case it saved a live! Buuut… In a few more minutes, he would probably be wishing that they had cut off both of his heads!

Just watching the way that Asami ran her tongue up and down the entrance to his urethra…It turned Korra on so much that she was ready to call off the whole thing so that she could deal with her own arousal! She couldn’t imagine how Mako felt!

“H-How’s this?” Asami asked, looked up at her lover.

“If there is ever a contest for giving head, you’d take gold!”

Was that a compliment or was she being called a slut? Oh who cared… That pained look on Mako’ face was more than worth it! Veins were starting to stick out on his neck and forehead, his dick was a network of straining blue bumps, throbbing and twitching every chance it got. Were it not for Korra holding him with her feet, Asami would have never stood a chance!


“Aww…” Korra cooed as she gently rubbed his nipples. “I think our little baby is almost at his limit!”

“What does that mean?”

“I have no idea! He might pass out, his heart might burst… who knows! There’s only one way to find out though!”

Ignoring the fact that Lin was ‘enjoying’ herself over in her chair, Asami and Korra began to work Mako over with renewed effort. He screamed into his gag, tried to break away, but Korra was much stronger than him. Asami focused her assault until the tip of her tongue began to wiggle into his opening, that was the end of him.

But they kept going. He thrashed, forcing his dick into Asami’s throat with each of her desperate, deranged thrusts. Asami tried to break away, but Korra placed a foot on her head to trap her.

Now helpless to escape, Asami could only endure the assault as the tension in the room grew higher and higher. Lin’s moans were masked by Mako’s life-or-death screams, and the sound of Asami’s gagging. Things might have gotten bad, but Mako’s body finally hit its limit. He slumped in Korra’s arms, and sank to the floor. Asami had drool, tears, and all matter of mess smeared all over her face, but her anger didn’t last long. In the end the two of them burst out laughing. Lin lay passed out in her chair not far away. The excitement must have been too much for the older woman!