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A Future Seen From Another World

Having a crush was a funny thing, it could lead you to do funny things. When that crush was a fictional character, it only got worse. The very idea that you might be able to see that character was enough to drive you mad. It might lead you to a dark ally, to a long hallway, though a heavy wooden door, and into a place called Devious Works.

That was the story of an unnamed woman who now stood there pulling a mask onto her head. Meeting her chosen character in person was a price steeper than she could pay. She would have had to sell everything she owned, her car, and used all of her savings too.

While still expensive, there was another option. An option that would let her look into another world, and see characters acting out a scene she paid for, or at least as close to it as was possible. That is what she looked forward too as she sat on a leather couch in her private viewing room. The door was locked, all of her clothes discarded, and a selection of sex toys laid out before her, all lubed up and ready to use.

“I can’t believe this is really happening!”

The name of her crush was Haku. He had died in the universe she knew, but not in this one. In this world he had survived battle, and been taken captive. He was now 22 years old, looked much more mature, but was still the Haku she loved.

“Let’s do this!”


Many years had passed since the last ninja war. Sakura Uchiha was now a married woman, and a mother. Her daughter had gone off to the ninja academy, and her husband, Sasuke, was gone on missions almost always.

“There’s the signal, I guess it is show time!”

Yes, Sakura was alone quite a bit. As such, she needed a hobby. The one she found was… well… not exactly one to be proud of. Or if you were proud of it, it wasn’t one that you normally went shouting in the streets about! She was a dominatrix. As a woman of almost 30, it was a huge boost to her confidence to know that someone other than her husband could see her in that way! Eventually though, she knew she would be happy to even be able to draw his attention.

“I’ll have to start using Tsunade’s age reversal technique before long… How old is she again? God… I don’t even know, and dare not ask!”

Checking her face for wrinkles, and her head for grays, Sakura was convinced that she was still cute when she left the house that day. The blue diamond on her forehead stored Chakra that she would use to hide those, should they ever pop up.

In her long, sleeveless red-and-white top, tight white pants, and sandals; Sakura made her way to the Leaf Village prison. It was strange walking through the streets. They looked so similar to how the old village looked, that Sakura almost forgot that the whole place had been destroyed by Pain over a decade ago.

Why was she going to the prison you might ask? Well obviously she wasn’t checking herself in. A prisoner was getting out today, one that she had paid for. Well… Partially paid for. It was hard to convince Ino and Temari to split the bill with her, but they were getting on in years themselves, and could see the entertainment value.

“Oh Sakura, you’re here for your pickup, right?”

Shizune was working at the prison that day, at the front desk. She was in her mid-40’s now, and mostly did volunteer work, like this, teaching, nursing; that kind of thing. Tsunade had returned, and now mostly drank and gambled. Naruto had banned her from gambling real money though, so she gambled with sexual favors… Her parties were very popular. Oh yeah, Shizune had also married Kakkashi.

“Yup, is he ready to move?”

“We were just preparing him. Do you want to let him walk out, or have him secured to something easy to move?”

“Hmm…Easy would probably be best, I don’t want to have to walk through town with someone shuffling behind me drawing attention.”

Rising from her desk, Shizune gave a nod. I’ll let the girls in the back know. Why don’t you go around the back and meet us at the loading bay? We should be ready to go by the time you get there. Feel free to keep any of the restraints as well.”

Shizune seemed awfully calm about what they were doing. She was basically buying a person after all! Who was she buying? His name was Haku. Sakura had met him only once, that was… Probably over 20 years ago. Before she had gotten married, before her daughter was born. It had been her first real battle.

Haku and Zabuza had almost died that day, yet they had pulled through. Both were held in a leaf village prison for a long time. Zabuza had been released first, given to Tsunade as a retirement present. By that point he had no interest in fighting, and would have done just about anything to get out of prison. Haku had much the same girlish appearance as always, Sakura had been shown a picture when Haku had been put up for sale.

Their reunion was not the touching kind. They didn’t meet eyes from across the room with music playing. No. Sakura approached the loading dock, which was littered with big steel cage-carts, human-sized dog cages, and all manner of restraints.

Shizune wheeled her prize out through the loading doors at around the same time. The man was bound to a dolly, arms, legs, and neck strapped to the frame of it. He wore a black spandex hood with only a mouth hole; this displayed a massive red ballgag. As for clothing… Other than the zip-ties he was bound with, he only wore a clear chastity cage.

“Here are all the keys. Remember to take care of him, Sakura. This isn’t slavery so much as you being appointed as his warden. One of the guards will have to come by every week to make sure he is being cared for,”

“Who do you think I am? One of the best medic-ninja in the world, and a mother too? He’ll be healthier and happier than ever!”

“I have faith in you, Sakura, but I am required by law to say these things. Otherwise it might seem like we are running a slaving ring or something! I’m sure Haku will appreciate not having to rot in a dark underground cell anymore, but… well be careful.”

“Roger that!”


The three girls had agreed to use Ino’s house to store Haku. She had a big basement that never got used. On top of that she had Married Sai, who was still a little dense. On top of that he was always in other countries on mission, and was home only about a week every month. Since they had outfitted the basement with a secret sound-proof room, they were all sure that it was perfect. And if they got found out… Well Sai would be easy to trick, if not outright convince.

“Alright, Ino, Time to get to work!”


The older woman, Ino, had discarded her long purple skirt, and now donned a bikini of the same color. It was thong style, compared to Sakura’s more conservative look. Since Sai had only left on his mission the day before, he was sure to be gone for a long time, so they used the upper floors of the house without fear. Namely the bathroom. The ground level had a full Japanese style bathroom. Complete with a massive square tub built into the floor.

“First we have to wash all the grime off you! And your pretty hair is all knotted and ruined! Ino, do you still have that good conditioner?”

“Of course, I make it myself!”

Knowing as much as she did about plants, combined with her medical knowledge, Ino had expanded her flower shop to now carry household remedies and beauty products too! When you were as hot as Ino, you really didn’t need a sales pitch to move hand-made beauty products off the shelves.

Working as a team, the two scrubbed every inch of Haku. He stood about 5’8 how, and had a slender body. The muscles under his clothes were well formed, but totally hidden no matter what he wore. If anything, the slight bump of his pecs almost looked like boobs in the right shirt! He truly was a girly man, maybe even a ‘trap’.

As if in a daze the older man sat there, handcuffed and shackled as the girls scrubbed everything from his asshole and balls, to his feet, to his hair. When all was said and done they dried him off, brushed his hair, and gave it a mature, womanly style. Though when you had silky, shiny black hair as long as your ass, it was hard to look manly.

“Well then, as agreed you will get the first session with him, Sakura. Temari will be here later, so don’t go over your time!”

“Just open the door when my time is up.”

Ino gave her a thumbs up, and Sakura rushed Haku down to the basement. There was a special chair waiting at the back, one that Sakura pushed the zombie-like Haku into. He might have been in a daze from spending over a decade in prison, but she intended to get him good and awake! After all, the customer had asked for this!

Attaching leather cuffs to his ankles in place of the shackles, she pulled his legs up and back, to where they were clipped to bars designed to hold him, almost like a gynecologists chair. His arms were pulled around the back, and connected with another set of leather cuffs, ensuring he couldn’t leave the chair.

After that there was the ring gag in his mouth. The final piece was a chastity cage. Not that Haku had a very manly penis to begin with; it was only 5 inches, hairless, with cute, smooth balls that were just big enough to fill her hand. When he was all locked away, Sakura began to tap it with her nails, right around the opening of his urethra.

“I wonder if this guy got any attention in prison… The rules say that prisoners have to be restrained at all times, even to their bed at night. I bet Naruto would throw up at the thought of not jerking it for 10 years, forget about more! Was it hard? Did you try to thrust against the walls of your cell to get off? Or maybe Anko came to visit you?”


Not that he could have said anything with the gag in his mouth, but Sakura knew that he hadn’t even tried to make words. His mind was empty, foggy. 24 hours a day underground, no visitors, it would drive anyone insane. However, that long without being touched, his dick was waking up even with her slight tapping.

“Or maybe Anko teased you every day, huh? Maybe she dressed all sexy, flashed her ass from time to time, ground up against you when you walked passed, or in the shower… I bet you cried yourself to sleep sometimes, huh?”


He was waking up now, getting angry. At that moment Sakura turned and left him. His foggy eyes followed her, which was more than he did before. On the wall there were all manner of toys hanging. Sakura grabbed an 8 inch strap on – 8 inches on each side might have been more correct – and she eased it into her naked pussy.

“How’s that, Bitch? I bet you dreamed every night about sticking that tiny penis inside a woman, huh? I bet your balls got heavy with cum, your knees weak. You want to stick your dick in me now, huh?”

“Uhh huh! Uhh huh!”

Now he was revived, reborn. There was hope in his eyes, hope saying that he wanted to cum, that he thought he had a chance for the first time in a decade. Had Sakura ordered him to dance naked in the center of town in exchange, he would have done it without hesitation. Unfortunately for him, that desperation was what turned Sakura on.

“You think you’re a free man, Bitch, but you aren’t. You’ve just moved from one prison to another. You think you are going to fuck me, but it is I who will be fucking YOU!” Sakura grabbed her dick, and watched his eyes go wide. “That’s right, Bitch. I am going to shove my cock in your tight asshole, and fuck you stupid!”

“Uhhn uhhn!”

The look on his face said that he would rather have been back in prison at that moment. Too bad. Sakura moved closer a step at a time, shaking the toy with her hand as she did. The stiff rubber wasn’t quite as hard as a real erection, but neither did it bend. And while not the biggest toy they had, far from it actually, 8 inches was all she dare test his 10 years of abstinence with.

“Speaking of… Are you a virgin, Bitch? You’ve been locked away so long after all…”

When she spoke, Sakura was close, close enough to put her hand on his chest, and gently trace the shape of his nipples. Down down down her finger went, following the valley between his pecs, abs, and right up to the hole in the chastity. Pushing down on his, just enough of her finger could squeeze through to touch the tip.

He went wild. “UUUUH URRR OOOH! URR OOH!”

It wasn’t hard to figure out what he was screaming. “Actually, Bitch, I am the one fucking you. In case you forgot.”

As angry as he was, as hard as he thrashed, Sakura’s little bitch froze when her 8 inch dick touched him. It had of course been covered in lube, but that wasn’t enough. She pushed against him, trying to stretch the hole, only to find it as tight as the throbbing chastity cage.

“Hmm… Gonna need more lube.”

This was kept in a clear plastic bottle, like what might hold mustard in a restaurant. His as was so tight that she barely even got the tiny nozzle in. Once she did, however, Sakura filled him up with nearly enough oily lube to count as an enema! She knew her job was done when the stuff began to ooze out of him.

“There. I could probably slip my hand in there with no problem now!”


The captive man shook his head so hard that his beautiful hair was terribly ruffled. They had worked do hard making it look pretty! With the tip resting against his anus, Sakura grabbed his chin, and tenderly tucked the stray hairs behind each ear.

“You’re a woman from today on, little bitch, you need to learn to care for yourself like one. A proper woman looks dignified even during sex! Even while getting her ass fucked! Show me you can behave, and eventually I might let you cum like a bitch.”

“Uhh! Uhh!”

Leaning in closer, Sakura let her weight force the head of the toy inside. Well, she said force anyway. In reality it was more like she casually strolled in whistling a happy tune and swinging a cane. It might have actually been harder to not slip right into him!

When she was forward as far as she could lean, ass cocked back ready to strike, Sakura licked his lips. With his mouth forced open like it was, she couldn’t exactly kiss him. However, she did pretty much everything else. She sucked on his lip, licked and sucked on his tongue, basically used him like he was an object.

All the while his chastity throbbed, and his balls swelled. “You want me to fuck your ass, Bitch? If I fuck hard enough you might just cum!”

“Eeeeh! Eeeh!”

“Sounds like a yes to me!”

So she gave it to him, all of it. She slammed deep into his ass with all 8 inches. As strong as Sakura was, his whole body lurched upward on the bench. Were it not for the restrains, he probably would have caught air!

And his trapped dick throbbed harder. As she scraped against his prostate, it pulsed wildly, as if by force alone it could shatter the steel bars! As if. That tiny dick belonged to her now, and it wasn’t going anywhere. No matter how much he cried, or screamed, or drooled; no matter if he broke or passed out, it was going nowhere without her permission.

Cry he did, drool he did, scream he did. Wildly his head was tossed from side to side, send drool flying in all directions. His cute little toes curled in desperation, and Sakura interlocked her fingers with them. It was an intimate touch, a gentle one, but hardly a small comfort to her suffering prisoner. Only one thing would calm that beast.

When Sakura pulled her toy out, the crying stopped, only to be replaced by shock. He stared at her, confused, desperate, enraged, scared. He had been separated from the only thing that was giving him any sort of pleasure. Even without being able to cum, it was better than nothing!

“Don’t look at me. I said if you were a good little bitch I would let you cum. All that screaming, all the mess you made, that hardly seems GOOD to me at all!”


“Oh don’t worry, Ino is a much kinder Mistress… Usually. We all have a key, so behave and she might just let you cum! I would try to impress her if I were you.” Leaving her dirty toy discarded on the floor, Sakura casually pulled her clothes on as her Bitch worked himself into a froth. Ino opened the door at that moment, a door that could only be opened from outside. They shared only a subtle, devious smile as they passed each other. Somewhere out there was a very satisfied customer passed out and twitching. Though at this point, that was really more of a bonus.


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