About the Image:

This was both a challenging piece. Getting the angles and colors right was a real challenge. I want to thank all my Patreons and followers. Your continued support helps me keep on drawing and striving to achieve better results with my artwork.

Story: A clients Request. Toph and Gwen

Gwen woke up her head aching, like it was hit by train, as she started to come to she noticed A women she hasn’t seen before standing over her looking at a paper.

Ah looks like your starting to come to, it seems like one of the clients of Devious Works, requested you and I put on a show for them. Your cooperation, although appreciated, is not required.

As Gwen’s vision began to clear she noticed she wasn’t able to move, as she struggled in vain, anger and fear began to take over her mind.

No use in trying to struggle out of this toots, your in my territory now and theirs no way your escaping from that rock I encased you in. Now let me tell you how this going to work. The client here wants you to lick and worship my feet, while its being filmed on this camera here for Devious Works Studios.

Like hell I will do that you Bitch! Your dead meat once I get out of here!

Its cute that you think you have a choice toots, but rest assured one way or another I will get this done, your’e not the first sub I had to bend to my will, and I aim to get paid. So without further a do, why don’t we get started?

Gwen watched in horror as Toph began to lower her big foot towards Gwens face, in a last ditch effort to struggle Gwen moved her face the left just in time. But that didn’t stop Toph, she just rested her foot on the side of Gwens head, rubbing her hot foot all in her cheeks and pushing Gwens head further into the ground.

Oh common babe, no need to play hard to get, lots of men and women would kill to worship these feet of mine.

I am not some sick pervert you bitch! Now let me go!

You know at first I only needed to fulfill this clients order, Simple foot fetish pervert stuff. But I think I am going to enjoy making you my bitch now! I love defiant little sluts like you, turning you into my pet, will be a pleasure.

With that, Toph balled up her fist and began making a slow thrusting motion with it.

What the hell are you doing!? Gwen said as her head was still being pressed firmly on the ground by Tophs foot.

Just a little motivation slut, dont worry, you will feel it soon enough.

Not a moment after those words were said Gwen began to feel something pressed against her front and back entrance.


Oh that’s cute, you think your in a position to make demands? Let me tell you whats going to happen my pet. I am slowly going to enter you, exploring every crevice, nook and cranny of you until you give me what I want. You want this to stop? Start cooperating.

I wont give into you you sadistic bitch!

That’s what they all say at first, Toph said with a mocking laugh. But sooner or later I always get what I want.

Gwen tried to resist her attackers advances as best she could, but there was just no stopping Toph. In and out faster and deeper, her onslaught was relentless. After 20min of this nonstop attack, Gwen had enough.

I’ll…. I’ll… I’ll do it.

You will do what, my pet? Toph said as she pushed the Rock dildos further into her sub. I want to here you say it!

I’ll lick and worship your feet, you pervert.

See now, was that so hard? Toph said with a chuckle.

Fuck you bitch, I am only doing this so this nightmare will end.

Fair enough, but if you want it to end then I suggest you do an earnest job, otherwise I will go back to what I was doing mere moments ago. Now follow my orders. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!

Gwen did as she was told, she opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. Toph made a little seat above Gwen and sat down, once again hovering her foot just mere inches from Gwens face.

Oh I am going to enjoy this toots, now remember to do a good job an keep that tongue out!

Toph lowered her foot onto Gwens face, slowly moving her whole foot up and down Gwens tongue. The taste was bad but not unbearable, Tophs feet tasted a little salty with small traces of dirt.

Your doing good so far my pet, I love the feel of your tongue on my heel. But I want more, lick between my toes.


But that was all she could say before Toph shoved her foot Deep into Gwens mouth.

Since you insist on talking back to your mistress, Maybe I should just see how far I can shove my foot down your throat instead? How does that sound slut?

HHHMMFFF!!! was all Gwen could muffle out with Tophs foot assaulting her throat.

Good, thats what I thought. Toph said as she pulled her foot back so that her foot was only toes deep into Gwens mouth. Now where were we?

Gwen began to immediately lick in between Tophs toes, she then began to suck on her toes one at a time.

Oh!? What’s this? You are an eager little piggy aren’t you? Keep on sucking them just like that.

Then Gwen heard a strange noise, it sounded like a cellphone ringing, she noticed Toph holding a cellphone listening to some voice, as Gwen was sucking on Tophs big toe.

I understand, its a pleasure doing businesses with you as always, please wire the money to my account. Toph said into the phone before hanging up.

Well toots, it seems our client was satisfied, and now both you and I will receive a nice transfer to our bank accounts, so I guess we are done here until next time.

Fucking better not be a next time you sadistic bitch!

That’s the spirit Gwen. I hope you are just as stubborn as you were this time. Now I am going to take you home. But I cant risk have you struggling all the way back. So I am going to give you a little parting gift to remember me by.

Gwen noticed Toph rubbing some kind of clear substance on the bottom of her foot from a bottle.

This chloroform should do the trick!

Before Gwen could move, Toph firmly pressed her chloroform covered foot onto Gwens face.

Sweet dreams sweety, until we meet again.

Gwen tried to resist but there was no escape, the foot stench and chloroform was just to much, so her vision faded to black. Gwen woke up in her room, confused and disorientated.

Was it all just a bad dream?

she looked across her room and noticed her bedroom window was open, as she approached the window she noticed a strange rock shaped dildo on her desk, along with a note linking to a bank account with a substantial amount of money it.

Gwen didn’t know what to think, so she took the dildo back to bed with her and decided to do some investigating on her own.


The End