Sorry for the long wait. Here is the Jinx piece. I have a story in progress and will post it here and on my website when its complete. Next piece is the Android 18 piece. I am still holding off on charging any of my patreons until I catch up and get into a more stable rythem. Hope you enjoy this piece.
Coloring: Deviant Otaku –
Lineart: Cavalry –
Story by tiedup temari

A dark alley, a door, a long hallway, a heavier door. That part was known, it had been seen before. A masked customer heading to a terminal was also no shock. That customer dialed in their order, then waited. She got approval for her request, money was deducted from her account, and finally she was given a room number.

Through that door would be a fantasy she had been waiting for for a very long time. Being a 30 year old woman, you would think she would be better off settling down, but work had been her whole life, it was too late to start over. She didn’t have that option, but what she did have was a lot of disposable income.

This was hardly her first time at the club, her first time opening one of those assigned doors, her first time seeing a room totally out of place with the rest of the building; sometimes it would be a balcony looking at the sea even though they were underground, but this time it was an armory. That was the best word.

Guns, ammo, explosives, and things that couldn’t be readily identified cluttered the floor. As far as furniture went, there was a huge cast-iron framed bed with a mattress that didn’t even have sheets, but little else. The windows were barred, and the door on that side had many locks and a cross-bar. When it slammed shut, it became clear that escape was not an option.

“H-Hello?” The woman called to the seemingly empty room.

Usually there was someone waiting for her, but the room seemed abandoned. Slowly, ever so slowly, the woman walked in. Each step seemed to thunder in the empty room, it was a dull sound, a normal one. The ‘click’ that followed was very not normal though. It was very much not a footstep, it was a gun, pressed to the back of her head.

“On your knees.” The high-pitched gun-owner demanded.

It was an instantly-fulfilled request. “D-Don’t shoot, I’m not a tresspasser!”

“No, you’re just a pervert, right?”

Heavy bootfalls followed those words as the gunman made her way around. The woman was shocked by what she saw, though quickly realized that she should not have been. It was a short woman holding a very big revolver. She was only about 5 feet tall, but the gun was nearly a foot long. That coupled with her blue hair was a dead giveaway.


“The one and only!”

“C-Could you put down the gun?”

Instead the woman got to feel the cold steel against her cheek, against her lip. “Is that really what you want? You paid to get dominated by me, and me without a gun is only half a me! Then again… You’re not really in a position to be making demands, are you?”


“But nothin’! You paid to get dominated by Jinx, so get Jinx’d baby!”

The hammer cocked back, and the kneeling woman realized she didn’t have a choice. Not knowing quite where to go, she simply began crawling. Periodic kicks to her rump ensured that she never got too far out of line. When the boot was finally placed atop her ass, and pushed down, the woman knew to stop.

“Let’s get you all suited up before the fun starts!”

“D-Do you think you could put the gun down?”


While not quite what she had been hoping for, Jinx did holster the heavy gun in her boot as she dragged a big trunk over from the foot of the bed. As soon as the lid popped open, a disorganized pile of leather and buckles came spilling out. The woman would have loved to say she was excited, but her body hadn’t waited that long. From the moment the gun cocked, she had been dripping wet!

“Let’s see, dun wanna get too facy… this… this… Oh, this would be good too!”


“Shut it, I’ll have sumthin’ for you to stuff in that sweet mouth real soon!”

Was that supposed to be exciting? It might be wrong of her to find that exciting, yet she did! Oh god did she! Jinx returned only a few second later, and shoved her arms into a leather armbinder. The laces were tightly and frantically pulled until her elbows touched, and then they were tied tightly, and the sleeve locked in place.

“Now we make you less ugly!”


Just as the woman turned around to be offended, something was shoved down over her head. It was leather, that much was clear, but not much else. The woman was able to guess that it was some sort of hood, but it wasn’t meant to blind her. It had eye holes, a nose hole, even a mouth hole! Just as Jinx said, the goal seemed to be covering up her ‘ugly’.

“There we go! I am almost stand to look at you now!”

“M-Mistress… what are you going to do to me?”

Being the Jinx that she was, she obviously hadn’t thought that far ahead. In fact, she had probably forgotten that she was registered in the Mistress database at all! She was just as scatter-brained as she was violent.

“Oh yeah… Gotta do something since you’re already here… Alright, why don’t we try it like this. What is your favorite part of me?”

“R-Really? You’re not going to shoot me if I give an answer you don’t like?”

“Hey, just how crazy do you think I am? I need that money to buy ammo! How much do you think a single grenade costs, even if you get a discount from a black market contact? Don’t even get me started on ‘gently used’ surplus supplies… There is a reason militaries ship that stuff as far from their countries as possible…”

Wait… What exactly was going on here? Jinx was so erratic, and the woman was still half-panicked from having a gun pressed to her head; it was impossible to follow along! Of course Jinx was mostly just rambling to herself, so that explained the confusion.

“I’m waiting, you know!”

“Feet!” So fast the words came, that the woman wasn’t even aware it was her voice until she saw Jinx staring at her with a cocked head.

“Man, you perverts are into some weird stuff! You see me stomping around in these heavy boots all day with no socks, sometimes going a week without a shower, and somehow that turns you on? Doesn’t that seem wrong to you?”

W-Was this was they called ‘kink-shaming’? It was bad… “W-Well y-you did ask… I saw the pictures on your profile, but I always dreamed of seeing your cute little feet in person!”

The woman had seen many things on that profile. Jinx’s age- 21, her height- 5’0, her weight was undisclosed, as was every woman’s right; it also had things like hobbies, favorite color, fetishes she was both willing and unwilling to accommodate. If she intended to use Devious Works as a source of income, she would need to make sure her info got to the right people, after all!

“W-Well I don’t mind if they smell… My answer remains the same!”

It hadn’t really sunk in to the woman just how helpless she was at that moment. Of course the gun sitting on the couch next to Jinx was a pretty constant reminder, but she was talking more about the physical helplessness.

Thunk Thunk. The sound of Jinx’s boots hitting the floor instantly pulled her out of her thoughts. There they were, with nails painted the same color as her hair. Wow… Did Jinx paint her own nails, or did someone with that fetish pay for it? No no… if it had been Jinx it would have been done with spray paint, and half her foot would be the same color. Still, those perfectly-round glossy little morsels called to her.

“Yo, you still with me?”

Jinx lifted the woman’s chin with her toes, letting the nails scrape against the underside of her chin. “S-So beautiful…” She muttered, completely in a daze.

“My feet? Seriously?”

“P-Please let me have them, Mistress Jinx!”

“Well when you beg like that, how can I say no?”

The foot came down, hard. The woman could only compare it to being kicked in the face, as she soon found herself laying in the floor, pinned by that same foot she had been praising. In that instant, she was hit by the waves of hot, stuffy heat, and the delicious smell it was enveloped in. It was too good to be true!

Without thinking, the woman’s tongue shot out of her mouth, and began to dance between those toes. Desperate, hungry, she tried to scoop up as much of that powerful, salty taste as she could before Jinx decided to pull away. In her desperation, she drooled and slobbered like a dog, but it slowed her hardly at all.

“What the hell are you doing…” The voice was cold, sharp, deadly. It scared the woman, but that fear only made her pause for a moment. If she was going to die, it might as well be doing what she loved, right?!

“T-Taste… so good… Mistress…”

Harmless stepping turned into grinding, as if Jinx saw the woman as gum stuck to her shoe. “Disgusting pervert… you think you can go and do whatever you want with my feet? I didn’t give you permission!”


Suddenly Jinx was on her – well on one of her feet – looking down at her new slave. “Seems like your previous mistress neglected to train you. I won’t be so… forgiving…”

Laying on her back, helpless, with her arms tightly bound behind her; the woman could only watch. She could only watch as Jinx brought her foot down, and it forced its way to the back of her throat. Every detail of the big toe could be clearly pictured as it pushed passed her uvula, forcing her to gag on it.

“Are these the feet you wanted so badly? Yet you’re making such an ugly face…”


When Jinx finally pulled her foot free, it was dripping with slimy mucus. “What a disgusting slut you are… You’ve completely ruined my foot!”

“S-Sorry… Mistress…”

“Hmph, as if that would be good enough!”

Down came that disgusting foot, right onto the woman’s face. She could only watch in horror as her own saliva and mucus were smeared across her face by Jinx’s tiny size 5 foot. She could only shiver in pleasure as her wildest dreams were surpassed! More, she needed more! She needed to be degraded by the foot, treated like an animal!

But instead it pulled away. What had she wanted to happen next? She really didn’t know, as she had been in totally new territory. What she did know was that she hadn’t wanted it to stop. However, Jinx staring down at her like fresh meat ready to be cooked and eaten, told her that it was not quite over yet.

“Do you understand your role a little better now?”

“Y-Yes… Mistress…”

“Then what are you?”

A trick question? No… it probably had something to do with what Jinx had just been doing… Stepping? “I… I’m nothing more than a carpet for you to step on as you please, Mistress.” How badly she wanted that to be true!

“Acceptable answer, good girl. Now up on your knees, and don’t dare wipe your face!”

Jinx plopped down on the couch, and her revolver spun up into her hand again. It was only one of many guns Jinx owned, but likely the smallest. Her thoughts couldn’t help going back to that fact over and over as she struggled to right herself without using her hands. Those guns… They were such a direct, scary, and exciting means of establishing control!

Click. The hammer cocking back brought the woman out of her fantasies, and made her realize that those were very real guns, very very real! Real in the way that a person would lose half of, if not their whole head if they got on the wrong end of it!

“I want you to suck it.”

Those were the first words the woman heard when her ears stopped swimming and ringing with waves of panic and arousal. If Jinx has said more, it had been lost. “W-What do you mean, Mistress? Suck what?”

“Don’t play stupid with me, there’s only one thing here to see. This 10 inch steel barrel, I want you to stick that shit down your throat!”

Both of those requests were unreasonable in their own way. “C-Can you take out the-”


A loaded gun already cocked and ready to fire… What could possibly go wrong? Well, probably not as much as if she outright refused. Taking a breath to cam herself, the woman looked down the barrel, and saw the copper tip of the bullet. It was so big! And the barrel was… big… There was no way she could!

“M-Mistress, I don’t know if I can-”

“You’re going to take it in until you can lick my trigger finger, otherwise I am going to squeeze. Choice is yours.”

There was that word again ‘choice’. The kneeling woman was really beginning to question if Jinx really knew what it meant, yet was she going to say that? Fuck no! There was a gun pressed against her lips! The only think you could do at that point was to open your mouth and suck whatever was given to you! That broke down to basic animal survival instinct!

“That’s a good girl, get it all lubed up first so it’ll go down nice and easy!”

Was she trying to be helpful, or teasing? Either way it was a good idea. With all the desperation of someone with a gun aimed at their face, the woman began to lick. She licked and licked, slurped and licked. She applied her spit generously to the barrel, something that she didn’t get shot for, surprisingly.

“Look into my eyes while you take it, slut.”

Sure was good at giving orders, wasn’t she?! Damn it! This frustration only made it all the more enjoyable… It was the secret of being submissive! You wanted to be pushed to the point of getting pissed, knowing you could do nothing about it. That moment when you wanted to scream in frustration, cry, confess your love, and punch someone in the face; if you could be pushed over the edge in that moment, there was no coming back.

The cold metal did not heat up quickly, barely at all. It remained cold as it hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t stop. Her uvula was pushed out of the way, making her feel like she would vomit, but Jinx wouldn’t accept that.

“That’s it, my fingers feeling much more relaxed… you might just make it!”

It wasn’t disturbing at all that not making it was an option to her… Though that crazy was part of what made her sexy… Right? RIGHT?! On an only slightly less morbid note, you might be surprised how easily the barrel of a gun slid down ones throat! The polished metal put up almost no resistance, despite its size.

“Almost there. All you have to do is reach my finger, or will you choke at the last minute, and have it all be for nothing?”


Just the mention of the word ‘choke’ made her throat tighten. At that moment, she almost lost it all, including her life. Whether by the divine grace of some god, or scripting on the part of Devious works, she recovered without losing the barrel, or her head. With tears streaming down her cheeks from her blood-shot eyes, the woman stretched her tongue out as far as it could go, and blindly felt for Jinx’s finger until finally…

“Not bad!” After all that, it seemed like it was over before she knew it! “My last three customers all pissed themselves and passed out, but you… you might be made of tougher stuff. You might actually be worth my time!”

Knowing that it was over, the woman finally coughed up the barrel of the gun, leaving it dripping with good from her throat. “D-Did you k-kill them… Mistress?”

“Course not! This gig might be annoying, but I need the cash! I just ordered a custom 50. cal revolver rifle, and I still owe 5 payments! But that’s not what you’re here for. You want to be rewarded for your good work, huh?”

“Well… I wouldn’t be against it…”

“And you want me feet, huh?”

The woman could only nod at first, too embarrassed by her own perversion to do more. “I-I can’t help it, Mistress… I’m a pathetic pervert…”

Jinx crossed her arms, leaned back on the couch, and looked rather full of herself. “Damn right you are! Lucky for you I have the next few days free.”

“F-Few days?”

The first response came in the form of raised feet. “That’s right, at least three of them! So you had better work hard if you want to earn a break before then!”

After what she had been through, the woman already felt exhausted. Yet somehow she was being tormented with what she most desired was evil in the most arousing way! Could she last three days? Who knew! But she would die doing what she loved if not! With that, the bound and kneeling woman lunged forward, scooped up one of Jinx’s feet like a pelican, and began sucking on it for all she was worth! What sweet, salty bliss it was!