After her long session of pegging Naruto, Sakura decided that she wasn’t through with him just yet. She decided that since she had so much fun dominating him, she was going to make him her personal sex slave.

Naruto being weak and exhausted from his ass being pegged, couldn’t stop Sakura from tieing  him to the bed spread eagle style. Naruto whimpered “Their is no way I can get hard for Sakura chan, I’m to exhausted.” Sakura slapped Naruto across the face and said, “From now on you will call me mistress slave. Besides I don’t need your body’s permission to get what I want.”

With that said Sakura used her Medical Jitsu on Naruto’s dick to force an erection out of him, one that wouldn’t go away until she was satisfied. With that done she fucked Naruto until he came over 8 times and passed out.

“I got big plans for you slave, so rest well tonight. Tomorrow your real training begins.”

Artist Comments:

This piece took a long time to finish, thanks to work and school. Still it was a lot of fun. I still have a lot of difficulty with the face and hair, and with lack of an obvious lightsource like in my previous works it was hard to figure out shading so I went minimalistic in that department.

Still a lot of fun with this and I have big plans for Narutos training in the future. Going to focus on some more fundamental and original work first to get better, before I do part 3 though.